PlayStation Vita Sales Surpass 62,000 Units in Japan Post Price Cut

Push Square: "PlayStation Vita sales surged to 62,543 units in Japan following last week’s price cut. The system – which saw its price slashed to ¥19,980 on 28th February – sold out in some stores, prompting SCEJ executive Hiroshi Kawano to hint that sales had quadrupled. However, the system actually performed better than the 40k figure that the executive insinuated, proving that there’s still life in the system yet."

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WalterWJR2110d ago

Congratulations are in order. It seems the "dead" can walk, now let's get these zombies sprinting.

xursz2110d ago

Indeed. Thats a huge boost for sure. The surge was larger than SCE expected even.

kayoss2110d ago

And to think they could have done this earlier... imagine if they dropped the price before the holidays of 2012? Sony should have learned from the PS3 mistakes and learn from Nintendo when the released the 3DS. I just hope this carry on for a while so that I wont have to see "doom" article.

Harkins17212110d ago

Except their trying to make money. So why should they cut a fairly priced handheld? (Cards are whats expensive)

SandWitch2110d ago

3DS was overpriced. With PS VITA, I can hardly imagine how it can break even with a $250 price tag.

torchic2110d ago

n4g economists.

gotta love them.

axisofweevils2110d ago

3DS still sold 15,000 more though. :P

Sweelix2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

that's 14,500 more then the 360...

just-joe2110d ago

They don't sell the 360 in Japan anymore.

RTheRebel2110d ago

without comPetition theRe is no innOvatioN ;)

YoungKingDoran2109d ago

P...R...O...N. PRON? ahh, pr0n.

zebramocha2110d ago

@axis isn't the 3ds still cheaper than the ps vita?

talocaca2110d ago

3DS is still cheaper everything considered. They biggest hurdle now is that many people here still enjoy PSP, that also became cheaper this week.

Until last week, PSP was more expensive than, yes, it sells Toyotas to BMW's....

Good_Guy_Jamal2110d ago

I didn't realize Toyotas were only a couple of dollars more expensive than BMW's. Also, lets not compare Vitas to BMW's, Bmw's sell to expectations and are very successful and well liked.

talocaca2110d ago

Wow...that makes all the whining about 50 bucks all that much more lame doesn't it?

I guess Kutaragi was right...people like you just need better jobs.


DarkHeroZX2110d ago

lol BMW's are only well liked amoungst a small group of rich folks. And last time I checked they where doing crap like this:

TongkatAli2110d ago

I thought it was a know fact Nintendo fanboys work in Mcdonalds. I knew that.

Lvl_up_gamer2110d ago

@ talocaca

What is the saying....

"a fool and his money are easily parted"

Looks to me Good_Guy_Jamal is not so foolish.

$50 may not be that much money, but just because you have it, doesn't mean you just throw it away because of a nice shiny new toy. There has to be value that the consumer sees which would be worth spending that extra $50 over what the competition is offering.

Donnieboi2109d ago

Level_up_Gamer is obviously jamal's alt account. The way they both seperate three words with underscores in their usernames just makes me laugh.

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miyamoto2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

So it has begun...

PSP & PSV versus 3DS & 3DSLL next round...

this shall be interesting...

as always pricing is king!

right, Wii U?

Tito082109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

That reminds me of the Gamecube, it was the cheapest at the time and saw more price drops in a short period time, but still failed in comparison to PS2, while Xbox being Microsoft's first console, outsold it as well.

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