Inno-Wear is now official Gears of Wars 2 licensee

Inno-Wear A.G, European leader in textile and accessories under video game licenses, signs an exclusive Gears of Wars 2 licensing agreement with Epic Games. Gears of Wars 2 thus joins the widest catalogue in the industry, which encompasses over 50 licenses (Xbox, Resident Evil,Tomb raider, Devil May Cry, Unreal Tournament,Mario,Sonic,Guild Wars, Zelda,…).

"We are delighted that Epic has entrusted us with Gears of Wars,reinforcing our position as the leader in gaming licensing. Our challenge is now to develop unique end-of-the-year offers for our European distributors," declares Aurelien Palasse,development director at Inno-Wear.

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mighty_douche3912d ago

Probably the most uninteresting piece of Gear 2 information ill read all year...

Dark_Vendetta3911d ago

For the first time I agree with you

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GrooveChampion3911d ago

The marketing, it'll be huge!