Journey Wins Big at BAFTA Video Game Awards

The BAFTA Video Game Awards were held tonight in London, with thatgamecompany’s Journey taking home five awards, including Original Music, Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Audio Achievement and Online Multiplayer. Journey has done quite well this award season, wouldn’t you say?

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CaptainYesterday2114d ago

Not surprised one bit! Good for them :)

whoyouwit042114d ago

Seriously whats the deal with all these sony articles popping up on the 360 page.

mandf2114d ago

It's a industry awards event and it involves all games and platforms which would regulate the article to xbox too.

MasterCornholio2114d ago

Its a video games award so its normal that its in the 360 section.

Are you mad that a PS3 exclusive won a game of the year award? There's really no need to get angry because no matter how many GOTY awards that a PS3 exclusive gets (like Uncharted 2) the ones that didn't win it are still good games.

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rajman2114d ago

For those who missed it, you can watch the full awards show on the Bafta Twitch page.

Part 1:
Part 2:

clintagious6502114d ago

They deserve the praise. This is what happens when u give devs freedom to be creative with game ideas. Something sony does better then any other company. This why u will get to experience these type of games but in order for them to succeed u need a platform & publisher who isnt scared to take RISKS on these kind of IP's. A few other games, heavenly sword, heavy rain, uncharted, lbp, infamous etc etc. This is why sony also has alot of 2nd party support aswell because the risks & freedom sony gives all devs who create exclusive games for sony. Glad this small team is getting recognition & hopefully they can expand & be more successful as we move forward by expanding their audience to more platforms.

HmongAmerican2113d ago

This will sure make them proud and build up their reputation, so their next game will be even more breath taking.

tarbis2113d ago

Congrats to thatgamecompany. They deserve it =D

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