This week's EU PlayStation Plus deals are live, download Mass Effect 3 and Dead or Alive 5 now

El33tonline writes:

"This week’s EU PlayStation Plus Update is undoubtedly the best we’ve ever seen, with Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5 and Joe Danger 2: The Movie all being added to the Instant Game Collection at no extra cost to members’ subscriptions. This is R1 273 (about £93) worth of content based on the games’ current prices on PSN."

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Arai1777d ago

What DoA5 for free?
Damn I bought the CE about 4 months ago for 90+ USD / 80 Euro.

Plus really is beneficial and worth the money I see.
I'm gonna subscribe once I'm back from vacation.

tom1105841777d ago

Yes, this month's deals are truly awesome!(-:

silverbeld1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )


DOA 5 is awesome but I already bought it too.

Lucky I still don't have ME3.

Raf1k11777d ago

Nice. DoA5 I haven't played so I'm glad it's coming free. Also, Joe Danger 2 should be fun too.

I'm really looking forward to E3 as they'll no doubt announce improvements for PS Plus. Well, that's what I'm hoping for and hope that cross game chat is free for all instead of just Plus subscribers.

SAE1777d ago

cross game chat free in vita so why do you think it will cost money ?..

Raf1k11775d ago

I do think it's likely to be free. I'm just hoping that turns out to be true as I can't shake this weird feeling that it Sony might do something daft.

talocaca1777d ago

Beware that this is the EUROPEAN contents....we are only getting Joe Danger....

Seriously...they get this plus MGS HD for Vita and Lumines?...

I guess it's a gift for the Euro almost collapsing, but please!!!

tom1105841777d ago

That's why I put "EU" in the title.

I've been covering the PlayStation Plus deals on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for a while now and it's clear that the EU gets better PS3 games in general, while it's a more even affair when it comes to PS Vita titles (only US subscribers got Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for example).

At least the US is getting Spec Ops: The Line this month which hasn't popped up on EU subscribers' Instant Game Collection yet.

GribbleGrunger1777d ago

I can't remember how you download these once they're in your basket ... Any advice?

tom1105841777d ago

You need to click on the basket icon and then check out. Then you simply go to your Download List on PS3 and download them from there.

If you need any extra help just let me know(-:

GribbleGrunger1777d ago

Yeah thanks. I forgot you had to go to account manager on your PS3! Bubble

GABRIEL10301777d ago


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