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Ubisoft exec wants a Wii U price cut

Wii U should be cheaper to enable publishers to sell more games on the platform, says Ubisoft’s executive director for EMEA territories Alain Corre. (Ubisoft, Wii U)

paul1974  +   818d ago
Yeah, glad he will continue to show much support but they shot themselves in the foot by delaying rayman legends at a time when no other games apart from indie games are being released on Wii U! a whole month to sell a game lots of people were waiting for with no competition! where is the logic in that...

They will now compete with many other titles later in the year so i feel sorry for the team that worked hard to have this released on wii u in February to now possibly see it flop on ps3 and xbox 360 because PS4 will be due and also other titles such as watchdogs/GTA will be out then as well as many other titles to be shown at E3 that hard strapped people will hold out for instead!

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Nevers0ft  +   818d ago
Sounds about right! I'm fine with them porting the game to other consoles, the more the merrier. But to delay the completed game for so long seems like a really odd business decision, especially when they literally would've had a captive audience during this drought.
DeadlyFire  +   817d ago
Ubisoft is right in a way, but WiiU won't get a cut until PS4/X720 launch and slow Nintendo's sales.
RTheRebel  +   818d ago
And Nintendo fans wanted Rayman
Sry UBIsoft Rayman Legends is gonna get the pricecut/bargain bin lol
lilbroRx  +   818d ago
A price cut will do nothing. The problem here isn't the price, its the lack of games people actually want to play in the current time frame. Ubisoft contributed to this.

When the games start to flow, sales will pick up.
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LOL_WUT  +   817d ago


What more proof do you want? The 3DS and now the Vita are proof of this. Regardless of what you say price cuts do help out. If Mario or NintendoLand didn't help sell Wii U's then I don't think the upcoming games would help either, if only it'll be short term. ;)
lilbroRx  +   817d ago
Those are handhelds, not consoles. Different markets and purposes.

A price cut can "boost" the sales of anything but they will go back down if the games don't come out to justify the purchase.

Most people I've talked to about the Wii U (who actually know what it is or have played it) say they like it, but they are waiting for "XXXX" game to come before they get one. I've never heard them bring up price as a complaint.

The only people who complain about the Wii U's price are zealots for the other console who wouldn't buy a Wii U anyway. For them its just more fodder to speak negatively about.
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mcstorm  +   818d ago
Well I want developers to cut the price we pay for games and DLC but will you do this Ubisoft? No well back to playing games that are out for my WiiU.
Anon1974  +   816d ago
That was my thought. "Game sales are slow! Cut the price of consoles!"
You want game sales to pick up, Ubisoft? You want price cuts to the console?
Why don't you walk the walk? I don't see you cutting the prices of your games.
mcstorm  +   816d ago
Yep companys are becoming more and more of a joke in terms of prices we are now charged for most things. They complain sales are not high but don't lower the price but blame something else.
lovegames718  +   818d ago
A price cut will sell hardware and in the long run affect game sales.

In my case me buying a Wiiu is far off and i wont get one until it drops to 200 but nevertheless a price cut will lead me to buy one.
GreenRanger  +   818d ago
Stop asking Nintendo for a solution when you're part of the problem, Ubisoft .
DivineAssault  +   818d ago
it needs one if it hopes to compete in the years to come.. The wii u will be great for its 1st party games but 3rd party devs wont put much effort into their software on wii u if they arent sure to get the sales quotas they want.. Wii U will be less powerful, have less features, less support, & have less interest from consumers than a new PS system so being anywhere near the same price is suicide..

Support will cease to exist if they dont listen to devs about what they should do.. Publishers will not invest into something that wont pay out
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Baka-akaB  +   818d ago
Even if Ubisoft is part of the problem , i dont see the point of being against a price cut .

Some people , myself included , do feel what they've seen so far isnt worth the current price .

Luckily , by the time the games i want are there on wii u , it most likely would be cheaper already
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   817d ago
***"i dont see the point of being against a price cut"***

Everyone would want that obviously. Cutting the price no doubt makes your console more appealing, but as company that is already taking a loss on each console sold you want that to be one of the last things you do.
Felonycarclub8  +   818d ago
Me too i really do think wii u is overpriced
Nodoze  +   818d ago
Nintendo Exec wants promised exclusive software to stay that way.

Moral of the story

We can't all get everything we want.
lilbroRx  +   817d ago
When did "Nintendo Exec" promise this? I've never heard a Nintendo exec, rep other otherwise promise anything would stay exclusive. Last I checked, Nintendo still only made "exclusivity" deals if the dev approached them.

Nintendo didn't purchase exclusivity of Rayman Legends. Ubisoft chose to do that on their own volition.

I've not once seen Nintendo advertise its exclusivity or Lego City Undercover for that matter. Bayonetta 2 is the only game that Nintendo has contracted as exclusive right now to my knowledge.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   817d ago
@lilbroRx "Interesting"

I like the way you make your argument but...

I think what Nodoze means by, "Nintendo Exec wants promised exclusive software to stay that way."

is not that Nintendo really made the quote but that they want (logically would want) promised exclusives from other companies to stay that way.

He is using that statement to tell the Ubisoft Exec. that he (the Exec.) of all people should know that you can't get what you want - because of what they did to Nintendo and it's customers.

@ NoDoze "Funny"
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FinalomegaS  +   817d ago
Ubi needs to keep their nose in their business market. They are part of the software and not hardware.

Giving your 2cents to start some sort of media buzz is BS, Ubi should concentrate of cutting their staff and do less advertisement, pay their execs less and drop their prices for their brand games.

imagine if games were 40$.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   817d ago
Who the hell is he to tell another company to take further loss on each of their product sold?

How about the proposition of Ubisoft cutting the price of their games? I wonder how the exec would like the sound of that.

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