Lego City: Undercover Is 'Best Game On Wii U & Will Sell Consoles'

Lego City: Undercover will be the 'best game on Wii U' according to TT Fusion Lead Developer Loz Doyle.

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Dailynch2049d ago

'Best game on Wii U'? That's not that hard tho is it? Will it really sell consoles? Reaaaallllllyyyyyy?

classic2002049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

LOL I know its possible that it is a great game but it will sell the consoles is a little bit too much.

Might can get kids audience but not most mature gamers.

solidt122049d ago

I am more excited for this than I was for Mario U.

Deku-Johnny2049d ago

I don't see why not, imagine a kid seeing an advert for it. If I was a kid and saw an advert of a Lego man running around a Lego city doing Lego stuff my head would explode.

grailly2049d ago

are kids really into lego these days? I have no clue

grailly2049d ago

ok cool, didn't know at all. In a show I watch there was a joke about people not knowing what lego is anymore, thought there was some truth to it.

are they playing with just the building blocs or is it the "prebuilt" sets?

TechnicianTed2048d ago

Um, prebuilt sets? If you mean boxes of lego that have instructions in to build a model that has been designed by someone else, then yes, they play with them.

My sons got so much lego now though I think he could build a real size Death Star lol.

From my experience from my kids, their friends, kids from the rest of my family, and my friends children, a lot of them are very much into lego.

And some kids who never grow up, like myself, don't grow out of loving lego.

How can you, when you see stuff like this?

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AWBrawler2049d ago

@Dailynch thats plenty hard to do. did you forget wii u has darksiders 2, Assassin's creed 3, Mass effect 3, Batman Arkham City, Tekken, and lots more. not exclusives but still Wii U games.

TimmyShire2049d ago

Traveller's Tales dev says Traveller's Tales game is the best game on a console without any games?


1upgamer992049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

The game looks great. I will pick it up for Wii U, but I am not sure how many systems it will sell though. I hope it does. Some people will only buy a game if it is at least T for teen. They think otherwise the games are "kiddie games" no matter how fun or challenging the game may be. I don't need to pick up a hooker, or slash someones throat all of the time to have a good time...LOL :)

profgerbik2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

You know you aren't forced to do any of that all the time in GTA.. I don't know why everyone acts like GTA is made to be so violent and perverted.

That is the players choice, that is apart of the game making moral choices.. A) I can hit someone with my car while I am driving down the street or B) I can simply drive down the road like a normal person.

Sadly I don't play games to live like I do in life.. Not dissing Lego City I just can't stand when people act like GTA forces you to constantly kill innocent people or have sex with hookers and so on when it doesn't.

If you wanted to, you could play GTA just like Lego City without ever doing a bad thing period.

1upgamer992048d ago

I know where you are coming from, and I agree. All I meant was if a game is fun without all of the violence, well that is okay with me. I play GTA too, and in that game I am far from innocent. :>

gamer422049d ago

It's only sad if it's a bad game.

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