Top 5 Most Shocking Deaths In Video Games

TGBuzz: A roundup of 5 of the most shocking deaths in popular video games!

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ElementX1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I always thought the deaths in Phantasmagoria were shocking, both the player and the flashbacks.

j-blaze1625d ago

5 more:
The Boss (MGS3)
Big Boss (MGS4)
Kaine (Nier in on of the endings)
Zack (Crisis Core)
Axel (KH2)

Jyndal1624d ago

I'm shocked Aeris from Final Fantasy VII isn't on this list.
How many people rocked back in their chairs when she was killed?

EbeneezerGoode1624d ago

That is what I thought would make this list by default. One of the most famous in game deaths ever.

MooseWI1624d ago

I think it's been on everyone's list. Sites need originality to get hits.

caseh1624d ago

Sad times when I saw Ghost bite the dust in CoD.

Suprised that Aeris wasn't mentioned in FF7, personally I couldn't give a toss she was a crap character. :)

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