FUSE: New Screenshots

The creators of Resistance series and upcoming title, FUSE have released new screenshots of the game.

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R_aVe_N2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

After looking around at this game I can't seem to get myself interested at all in it. This being their first Multiplatform title for 360/PS3 is just kinda disappointing to me. They did great with Resistance.

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Freak of Nature2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

IMO they are best suited for caricature/toon based games such as R&C. This game may as well be renamed: "generic"..... Overstrike's name was better without doubt, but it's alot more than the name,the style and creativity seem to have been drained from the early looks of Overstrike...

It's a shame what happened to rare, still always in hopes for them to bounce back, I hope this will not be the case with IG. There are very few studios that give us games like R&C, it's a shame that we can lose this too.

I still think this game will be OK, but just that, OK. A full blown R&C on the next gen systems, open World, indepth platforming, puzzle solving, humor, fun zany enemies, mixed in with ACIT style gameplay, but advanced and evolved, and with the extra power backing it would be much better. Perhaps they still will, keeping my fingers crossed...

Ju2111d ago

Aren't you guys embarrassed that you show how butthurt you are just because your beloved Insomniac releases a game on the "competing" console? Seriously?

I wish Insomniac all the best. Game looks like a fresh breeze in the shooter genre. Sorry it has color and is not gritty. I guess we got enough of those.

R_aVe_N2111d ago

This has nothing to do with being a "fanboy" the game looks really bad and extremely boring. It wouldn't matter if this game was exclusive to either platform. If there is an off chance it is remotely fun I will buy it, but like I said at this point it is not looking good at this point.

PR_FROM_OHIO2111d ago

This game is going to bomb hard!!!! Smh thanks a lot EA!!

Ultr2111d ago

Oh I see snow. however I've only seen generic building fights, that sucks, I want to see more snow and jungle levels!!!!!

Adolph Fitler2111d ago

This game has no hope of selling I'm afraid. The name is crap, & it changed from a far better, but far from great title (Overstrike, or something similar).
Unfortunately, gamers failed Insomniac on PS3, so 10's of millions of PS3 owners ignored Insomniac's last hurrah on PS3 in Resistance 3, which was undeserved, as the game was purely brilliant & by far THE BEST in the series, & one of the best fps's still going around...The game was great, weapons awesome, highly addictive multiplayer & just another great little Insomniac Sony's PS exclusive title, that forced Insomniacs hand to move onto multiplat development, or be bought out by Sony (which I would have preferred), but they obviously chose the latter & now I think are under EA's rule (which would be far worse, I believe, than under Sony's spell), & ever since there multiplat decision, there focus has been all but broken & there games have suffered immeasurably. They went from making my favorite platforming games with the Ratchet series, to butchering this well established IP, that scored well with gaming media & general gamers, up until the last 2 messes, that got panned & probably sold poorly as a result.
I can't see Fuse doing to well with what it is up against, including a whole new next gen machine from Sony, coming a mere few months before this game hits shelves.
Hopefully it will be great & sell multiple millions, as a result, but regardless of my well wishes, I really see it selling poorly, regardless of quality & such. I just hope, it's Sony that catches these guys when they fall, as if Fuse fails to get cash register draws opening in droves, I see them suffering immeasurably, & EA will drop them like a diseases whore, so with any luck, they will sell to Sony, & give us Resistance 4 & new more old school, great Ratchet titles, as well as/or an unreal new IP, or 2.

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