So If FFXV Is Announced For The PS4 At E3, What Do You Expect?

For the sake of discussion, let's say Square Enix announces Final Fantasy XV for next-gen consoles. When they do, what do you think it'll be like?

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Prodigy-X1814d ago

I expect it to be Versus XIII but just renamed to FF XV exclusively for PS4.

Root1814d ago

Same here...

They've had plenty of time to separate Versus from the Fabula Nova Crystallis mytho we saw in FF13.

They wanted to do with with Type-0 but since it was nearly completed all they could do at the time was change the name of the game.

Renaming it would put the spotlight back on the game and would be huge for Sony if they could keep it as an exclusive. I mean would the President of Square Enix really do that....tease something for the Nextbox at Sonys event knowing people would get hyped up........knowing him.....probably but lets hope for the best. To be honest if it was multiplatform and was Versus at least we know the real reason behind the they could release it on another console to make more money without cutting anything out of Versus.

kreate1814d ago

I dont expect anything from square enix.
I just hope they dont fail.

1814d ago
Godmars2901814d ago

I expect that whatever they announce will be multiplatform.

Sweelix1814d ago

final fantasy doesn't sell on xbox,

Godmars2901814d ago

Wada's an idiot who's pushed regardless of facts to support the Xbox.

Kamikaze1351814d ago

I expect a long ass cool looking CGI trailer that shows no gameplay.

remanutd551814d ago

I expect it to be release on the ps5 lol.

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