SimCity Launch Causing Severe Server Issues

EA is having severe launch problems for SimCity today. Many people, including us here at Den of Geek!, are having issues even connecting to the servers to play the game. All North American Servers are full or busy, and unconnectable. And, you can try joining another server not in your region, but you're unable to create a city to start playing.

We're beyond frustrated because we cannot even play the game to review it for you guys, but we're not alone. There are numerous enraged gamers around the net due to not being able to play SimCity.

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Reborn2109d ago


They know a lot of people would purchase it, and instead of ensuring servers are ready (using the beta, and pre order figures), again they slip up.

All that money, you'd expect EA to get their servers right for launch. Might want to consider sorting out other parts of your business, before you implement micro-transactions into your games.

SantistaUSA2109d ago

The thing about you having to be online to be able to play the game is horse [email protected]#$! I refuse to buy a game that has that type of requirement!

Yesterday I've watched "Up at Noon" from IGN (funny show) they interviewed SimCity producer Jason Haber and he was asked if the server would be able handle the traffic at 7:10 mark. I would like to see them interviewing him again now lol

ME19892109d ago

Or they just shouldn't have made the damn thing require an internet connection in the first place. WHAT BULL****, people buy your game to play and can't even play it.

Thanks EA!

Upstate89872109d ago

for those Twitter users out there, search for the #simcity tag and read what comes up. Hilarious!

SilentNegotiator2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Stupid DRM. This is why I will never buy a game with such restrictive DRM.

ExPresident2109d ago

2013 and still have server issues. Sigh.

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The story is too old to be commented.