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Car combat is a genre that was very popular during the early days of the PlayStation brand, but has had a difficult time since then finding the same footing. Numerous developers have tried to reboot once-popular IPs or put twists on the style to capture a new generation of gamers, but have been repeatedly unsuccessful. Now, another contender has thrown their hat in the ring with Fuel Overdose, an anime inspired top-down racer by the new developer I-Friqiya, that utilizes a number of interesting techniques to try and set itself apart from the crowd. Given the low asking price of $9.99, the amount of content this relatively unknown title has will surprise a number of people, but sadly the senseless issues that hold this title back cannot be ignored – no matter how cheap it is to buy.

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doctorstrange2109d ago

I'll think I'll overdose on something else, thank you very much

Foolsjoker2109d ago

A few games in and you will feel like you need to.

dbjj120882109d ago

This game is totally weird.

TrendyGamers2109d ago

Still waiting on the PS Store so I can check out the demo.

Wedge192109d ago

So you're saying it's no Twisted Metal? Or that Car combat is a dead genre...

knifefight2108d ago

Marked as a 5.5 but reads like a 3. o_o