March PS Vita Deals - AC3 $30, Uncharted $30, Black Ops Declassified $35, 32GB Memory $75 and more

March PS Vita Deals and Sales from Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy and Newegg.

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MelonSaurus1873d ago

er...AC3? That's for PS3.

CaptainYesterday1873d ago

Assassins Creed 3 Liberation is what it means.

Apollo11873d ago

Assassins Creed III Liberation ;)

ApolloTheBoss1873d ago

A $75 memory stick is a deal? How much was the original price??

AdmiralSnake1873d ago

lmfaooo @ apollo Reaction.....I said the samething, I literally sent this link to every Playstation Vita owner I know.

profgerbik1873d ago

Still too much for declassified.

Mounce1873d ago

I's probably only worth $5.

jakmckratos1873d ago

Yeah. Call of Duty is still $35 too expensive.

BanBrother1873d ago

More like $45 too expensive. I think I'd play it if I were paid $10....... for a few minutes (which, coincidentally is the same length as the campaign :-)

RTheRebel1873d ago

Love Sony's memory card scams

PeaSFor1873d ago

give me a 64gb for 69$ and i will buy it in a heartbeat.

yeahokchief1873d ago

I bought 1TB external drive and a 1TB internal HARD DRIVE for $70 last November.

You shouln't have to pay 31x times as much for the equivalent level of storage when your little stick has less components than a hard drive. I don't know what their added costs are in creating these things, but it's not going to be that much.

Vita memory is a ripoff.

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The story is too old to be commented.