Try Your Hand at PS4 Advertising

With the contest still going on for people to send in their slogans for Sony’s new PS4, we decided decided that we would throw our hat into the ring and come up with some ourselves. Obviously, being the talented one of the two, mine should blow anything Sebastion will be able to come up with out of the water, besides his flagrant use of Kaz in every image to win over the crowds. - DailyReaction

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doctorstrange1995d ago

I so hope Sony gets their act together ad-wise this gen, always sad when they make awesome games that don't sell as well as some generic crap from Activision or whatever.

ApolloTheBoss1995d ago

From what I'm seeing on YouTube, I don't think we gotta worry this time around.

Wedge191995d ago

So far the ad campaigns seem to be doing well... look at the PS4 presence on Youtube...

arbitor3651995d ago

remember the playstation underground? that **** made me feel so epic

doctorstrange1995d ago

It still exists.

But it has gone underground...

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