Battlefield 3 DLC is forcing industry to “step up” its game, says DICE

Battlefield 3′s DLC slate has been rather content-heavy, delivering more than just basic map packs or character re-skins. DICE producer Craig Mcleod has stressed that the industry could take a leaf out of the studio’s book and “step up” it’s approach to DLC packs moving forward.

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alousow2111d ago

BF3 DLCs are all awsome. I fell like they care about their gamers then COD

ritsuka6662110d ago

BF3 DLCs are all awsome. I fell like they care about their gamers then COD "

Way too much hypocrisy here...

T3MPL3TON 2110d ago

Do you know what hypocrisy means? I have a feeling you don't.

DavidMacDougall2110d ago

I do enjoy the DLCS but it worrys me for the next bf, i know how much EA love money whats to stop them putting so many weapons in the main game cause they know people will buy them extra.

FullMetalTech2110d ago

Honestly im against the Season pass option at times but BF3 has definately alot of content worth the pass price. 4 packs, assignments, new modes, trophies, and more guns.

vitullo312110d ago

its the only seasons pass i've ever bought for a game and i don't regret it. other than that i hate the idea

Kaneda2110d ago

I didn't buy any expansion pack..

Kaneda2109d ago

CTF should have been there in the beginning... CTF is standard for any online FPS...

Detoxx2108d ago

"CTF is standard for any online FPS" You're just some dumb COD player I can tell from your comment

Kaneda2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Sorry, the last COD I played is COD4: Modern Warfare..

I guess you should ask before you called some else DUMB...

AllroundGamer2110d ago

stopped playing BF3 after they crippled the game with their first big patch and had problem fixing bugs... no BF4 for me :(

T22110d ago

So u thought everyone running around with usas + frags killing everyone was a good thing ? I agree some patches are lame but that first one was vital to keeping the game relevant

Sucitta2110d ago

so your done with shooters?

bf3 in it's worst state is far beyond the other guys..

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The story is too old to be commented.