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Submitted by Durffen 2897d ago | review

IGN: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

Nintendo's epic 3D fighter series arrives on Wii as the best iteration yet. It's true -- there are a few minor quibbles to be made about the sometimes-repetitive single-player mode, unexplored third party character additions, lacking online communication options, or the largely familiar content inherent to sequels. But the moment you gather together with friends for a multiplayer match only to find, several minutes later, that you still haven't blinked, you'll have taken your first step into the digital drug that is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and there's really no better way to describe it. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 9.5/10

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mighty_douche  +   2897d ago
Seems Nintendo have another 1st party hit on their hands!

This is one of only a few WII games that appeals to me.
wAtdaFck  +   2897d ago
No kidding. I'm on the fence on whether to buy a Wii just for this game or not.

I can't believe it. This game utilizes ZERO wiimote functionality (i.e. motion sensing), so why not release it on the GameCube too, like they did with Zelda?
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Regret  +   2897d ago
I never really liked it... Only game that appeal me is Metroid, same as on GC.
ChickeyCantor  +   2897d ago
...the reason ZELDA was released on the gamecube was because it was meant for the GAMECUBE, and when the Wii came allong they made a port to the Wii. Not the other way around.

And nintendo never said you should FORCE games to use motion.
DGDJB  +   2897d ago

actually the game does have motion sensing, if you use the wiimote+nunchuck controller, u can turn on the option to swing the wiimote up down left right, for smashes.
been playing the jap version for awhile now, this it the only wii game that im interested in.
Durffen  +   2897d ago
There is motion sensing. It's called Shake Smash. It was in one of the screenshots for one of the Dojo updates. I'm not quite sure how it works though.
Bubble Buddy  +   2897d ago
Same with me, Wii might be worth it for some casual games and this.
Marceles  +   2897d ago
March 9th isn't coming fast enough. I hope they ship my preorder at midnight or else Monday will be the longest day ever.
paul_war  +   2897d ago
Enjoy it, I'll be here waiting till its pall release of 3Q!
sumfood4u  +   2897d ago
That what the call it on the Streets now~a~days? Anyways SSBB has always been a awesome Series! I'm a little surprise they haven't tried to Duplicate this on other systems! I remember when MarioParty 1st started its series, than Sonic tried to Duplicate it on the Geneses, lasty PS2 tried it on PAC~MAN FEVER! adding Tekkens King, Eddie Goro & Heiachi as well as other PSX favorites, an that blew up in Techmo's Face!

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kewlkat007  +   2897d ago
bro, don't forget POWERSTONE for Dreamcast
Only if Capcom would include characters like it does with other fighters, like SNK, Marvel and so on..Imagine, as well as the Graphics compared to a Gamecube hardware.

I'll get this for the Wii and see how it is, if this was a game that was made on Next-gen hardware, all the little Quibbles, they talk about, would be magnified.
wiizy  +   2897d ago
i dont agree with the ign rating...i've played alot of games and this game does not deserve less then a 10 or 100 on any sites.. its just that huge and has that much content , such a great game.. 9.5 should be reserve for lesser games like halo and metal gear.
Regret  +   2897d ago
Night4ll  +   2897d ago
That wasn't very nice... we're gamers people... play nice!
desolationstorm  +   2897d ago
Its got good reviews rolling in from all over. Lowest has been 93, but people are gonna rate it what they rate it. No games perfect, but jsut the sheer amount crammed into this disc is crazy cant wait to get my hands on it.
Night4ll  +   2897d ago
Great score...
I may skip work on Monday just to play this game...
Night4ll  +   2897d ago
Um... Ok... u got me u all knowing master of the disagree button... It's about time I got this off my chest anyway...
I have no intention of skipping work on Monday to play this game... I guess I thought I could get away with lying... in fact I pre-ordered the game just to make my lie seem more credible... But seriously what is there to disagree with in the statement I made above...
misterssippi  +   2897d ago
I think someone disagrees that you have a job.
factory  +   2897d ago
ssb has taken on this halo or star wars level of have to take anything related with a grain of salt.if the single player is only ok and the multiplayer is perfect or great, i believe a score has to take that into consideration.past fans were going to score this game out of this world no matter what, look at halo 3.all i'm asking is that if a company attempts both a single player and a multiplayer aspect to a game , they should be held accountable for making both the highest quality they many reviews have you read of games held less dearer to the heart, that got hammered because the multiplayer was tacked on or the single player was so short?no voice chat and friend codes is an embarassment in this day and age when nintendo prints money in their headquarters broom closets.the same kids they are trying to protect are the ones screaming nigger and gay comments in every halo and cod4 online match.i'm sure ssbm is going to be a blast with four people in the same room...just give a game a score overall based on all its parts.
bigjclassic  +   2897d ago
I disagree with the score from IGN..
it seems that they were scared to give it a higher score, due to threats i guess. lol

Thier complaints of a "20 second front end load and no voice chat" are so petty especially when the world knows that Nintendo dose not want voice chat. I found thier excuses not to give it a higher score to be bullocks. Just bullocks.

Especially when PS3 games have a 10 minute+ install time. They were very afraid to give it a higher score.

*anyway see you guys online on 3/9! my FC in my profile*
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ChickeyCantor  +   2897d ago
yeah the voice chat part is actually lame.
you can add allot of stuff you wanted in there but then they would end up rating this game to low.

so the voice chat thingy is lame!.
ChickeyCantor  +   2897d ago
9.5 ...10?
so when IGN says its a 9.5, the gameplay is suddenly different from a guy who said its worth a 10?

0.5 doesn't mean sh*t.
you like the game or you don't, ratings are such trivial things when it comes to games.

So what IGN gives this game a 9.5, if the game is worth a 10 then its a 10 in your book. So who cares about other peoples ratings?....=/
Niclas  +   2897d ago
Yea .. dosnt agree either with IGN.. its more like 9.4 .. or .. 93.. ooor .. 9.0 thats it! 9.5-10 is reserved for real games like Halo & Metal Gear Solid
ChickeyCantor  +   2897d ago
you fail =)
Night4ll  +   2897d ago
You fail big time...
Eamon  +   2897d ago

"It never ends..."
pwnsause  +   2897d ago
I predicted it, and it came out right, a 9.5, ahahahhhaha!!!
Eamon  +   2897d ago
I'm sorry my fellow N4G members.

But if I were to meet you on Brawl matchmaking (with Sonic)

You will have to prepare for a thorough ass whiping.

bigjclassic  +   2897d ago
gamerankings avg. 97.6%
so far so good, imho.
SolidSnake93  +   2896d ago
Does that put it above SMG?
ALItheWISE  +   2897d ago
Hey everybody!!
SSBB is right around the corner and i need to add some more friends on my wii. my console number is on my profile. Send me yours to add to my friends list cus i need to whoop as much ass as neccessary when this game comes out.

Possible new contender for best rated game ever??????????????
misterssippi  +   2897d ago
Best Game in the Wiis lifespan this early?
Well, i guess thats it for Nintendo. This is their big gun..... and they really have nothing better than this one in the pipelines. The 3rd party titles are a joke, with the exception of NoMoreHeroes. Later this year I think sales will slump off considerably.

Unless they can pull a Metal Gear, or a Resident Evil (excluding umbrella Chronicles which is lame)like the did on the GameCube, they will have to make a deal with the devil to keep people interested.
I'm speaking of exclusives of course.
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daghost1125  +   2897d ago
agreed this is the best game for the wii
but the i doubt the sales will slump considering nintendo took the lead in 1 year with only 3 really good games mario zelda and metroid. Wii's are still hard to find.
Bubble Buddy  +   2897d ago
I agree with you completely. Hardware sales won't slow down but software will. bubbles for u guys :D
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SteveZim1017  +   2897d ago
up their sleeve
I think there will be another nice draught this summer just like last year (after kart and Fit) but I dont believe for a second the Nintendo doesnt have something secret up their sleeves for the holiday season. Mark my words, we will see either a sequal/reimagining of a nintento IP (Like a pikmin 3 or a new Kid Icarus or something) or we will see Wii Sports 2.
SolidSnake93  +   2896d ago
I think that software sales will slow down, but hardware sales will continue to be high for another 3-6 months.
Omicron  +   2897d ago
game of the year 08 after only 3 months!
SolidSnake93  +   2896d ago
... You've said it yourself, how can it be the GOTY if we are only 3 months into the year.
jinn  +   2897d ago
needs a lower score
Glad to be a gamer  +   2896d ago
great and funny
Its kinda funny that we have Ms and Sony's next gen power houses being shown a few things about what makes a great game by the old school at nintendo.

One of my most wanted games for all of my consoles. CAN NOT WAIT!
Infolite8907  +   2896d ago
9.5/10? wrong! lol
I also dnt agree with IGN's score if it was based on my decision i would have given it a 10/10 but that's just my opinion. I played all ssb and ssbm ssbm got a 9.6. So how does a game that been polished for next-gen, with more characters, online play in which everyone was waiting for, get a 9.5. It's like giving ssbm a seven when it really deserves a 9. I would probably give it a 9.8 or ten really in my favor because one: the lack of voice chat doesn't bother me that much cuz I had n xbx 4 a while n i jus gt my mic yesterday and i normally txt not talk. two: the single-playr may get to me but not that much cuz i have people come to my house for multiplayer so single-player is not really n option for me to do. either it 4-player offline or player online. three: i kind like the idea of playing with the same objective cuz like me I JUS WANT TO GET in to the game and not wait 15-20mins to figure what your suppose to do. most people dnt want to wait. and lastingly the third party characters i no most or some may nite agree on this but i really dnt need to now all there is about them cuz i have played some of their games. like metal gear n metal knight. but that just my opinion
TeCh77  +   2896d ago
Polished for next Thanks for the laugh. :-)
Infolite8907  +   2895d ago
lol uh you got me there. uh what i meant by that was the graphix. the grafix looks nice to me especially for the wii that is. next-gen was the word the popped up in my mind.
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Shaka2K6  +   2896d ago
So rehash bros brawl its just like mario gaylaxy.
Good scores, pathetic game.

looks like my weetoy will have to sit there just like it has been for the past 6 months just collecting dust waiting for a real hardcore game not a rehash of a game i already played 5 years ago.

still waiting for Fatal Frame 4.
DeckUKold  +   2896d ago
Theres really nothing to ssy to you
but I'm guessing that you are really hype for this game but got so hyped you twisted your words.
Covenant  +   2896d ago
"Digital drug." Perfect description of the game. Definitely a must-have for Wii owners (myself included).
sumfood4u  +   2896d ago
IGN is Trippin Balls! the only game IGN will give a perfect 10 to is a game called IGN! lol!
Rageanitus  +   2896d ago
I have this on the cube.
Bought it due to the hype.... much overated. Sorry its boring even with 4 players on the sreen.
TheMART  +   2896d ago
So now the Wii has 4 good games:

sUpeR MaRio GalAxY
Metroid Prime 3
Super Smash Bros Brawl

At least one added there, it took them at least a half year, but hey, for games is pretty allright. Within that sea of minigames stuff sold for a too high prices, this looks good.
DeckUKold  +   2896d ago
You a funny person
URMRGAY people really need to stop that joke is old.
millertime1987  +   2896d ago
I am just glade i can FINALLY play this game. There is only one issue i need to figure out and thats if i go to Gamestop at midnight to pick it up or wait till later in the day. The beer drinking will deffinatly sway the tides on this one.
slymaddox  +   2896d ago
Don't get it
How do graphics get such a high score. That's like the sega coming back out and a game on it getting 9.0. The Wii's graphics (and everything else) should be rated compared to the other two next-gen systems. It's sad the Wii get special rules because it has sold better.
Intrepid  +   2896d ago
Fail. The graphics are rated based on the capability of the hardware, not the comparison to more powerful systems. Look at IGN's scores for the virtual console games. They rate the graphics based on the capabilities of the system that they were released on. If they were compared to other systems, these games would be receiving 0's every week.
slymaddox  +   2896d ago
you fail
Why does IGN compare PS3 and 360 graphics then? Every game that is released on all three consoles are reviewed this way - PS3 vs 360 and then the Wii all by itself.
BTW "If they were compared to other systems, these games would be receiving 0's every week." and they should.
Intrepid  +   2896d ago
Please stop with your fanboy rants. They compare PS3 and 360 graphics because the hardware is similar. Wii hardware is inferior to that of the PS3 or 360, therefore, they do not compare them.

And as for your comments about virtual console games getting 0's, you're just proving that you're foolish. Those classic games are what generated much of the video game boom. Not only are they cornerstones in the gaming community, but many of them are just flat out awesome and fun. If you're too shallow to realize that, than I pity you.
SolidSnake93  +   2896d ago
Yeah the graphics score is way too high.
SolidSnake93  +   2896d ago
I think this game will be excellent, good thing my friend has a Wii.
lnuyashaFTW  +   2896d ago
now i can stop playing wii sports
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