Tomb Raider PC Is Seriously Bugged For All Nvidia Users

DSOGaming writes: "Tomb Raider has just been released – in pretty much every region – but it seems that Nvidia users won’t be able to enjoy Crystal Dynamics’ title as the final build is seriously bugged for all Nvidia users."

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NYC_Gamer2107d ago

Tomb Raider was built with AMD features and gpu in mind

LAWSON722107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Your point, that does not mean it should be terrible on nvidia products.
As for the bugs, i do not have tomb raider or nvidia gpu so i have no clue how bad it is.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

lol from console to amd to nvidia? Talk about unoptimized.

DeadlyFire2106d ago

PC gaming has workarounds for every issue. NVIDIA will come up with new batch of drivers and problem solved.

guitar_nerd_232107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I've had a few glitches but nothing major and I've been playing it nearly all day with a gtx570.

Her hair has disappeared a couple of times (with TressFX on) for a few seconds and it occasionally goes framey when not much is going on for half a second or so.

Worked well with Nvidia 3d Vision too (until I got a headache).

edit: I'm running it maxed settings but FXAA at 720p for reference (I was only getting 30fps at 1080p with 16x AA)

BakedGoods2107d ago

TressFX seems pretty demanding, if you turn that off I'm sure you'll get great FPS @ 1080.

betan212107d ago

nothing major im sure we soon to get a updates

urwifeminder2107d ago

Its great we are getting more amd friendly games i hate that nvidia spam on pc games which is why im into amd.

sjaakiejj2107d ago

Aside from an occasional frame drop in cutscenes/QTE, blackface Lara appearing in cutscenes and hair disappearing in cutscenes, I've not experienced any issues on my 560Ti. Might just be the 690. Whilst its max frame rate is twice as high as mine, its lowest framerate (on the benchmark) is four times lower than it is for me. My average sits comfortably at 30 Frames per Second at maximum settings.

Only glitches I've seen so far were in cutscenes, and it's a bit annoying that the scenes shot by the video camera are pre-rendered, as they've got a much lower quality graphically than any other moment in the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.