Tomb Raider PSN Release Includes Quantum Conundrum and More for Free, Download Size Revealed

A couple of hours ago, we let you know that Tomb Raider would be making its way to the PSN today, while also rendering our verdict on it.

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TrendyGamers1961d ago

Great news for anyone who wants Tomb Raider and didn't get Quantum Conundrum through PS+.

Wedge191961d ago

Seems like an odd mix of games, but hey, that's cool.

GribbleGrunger1961d ago

Very interesting strategy ... I wonder if we'll see more of these on PSN if this is successful?

LOGICWINS1961d ago

I'm glad Sony realizes that they must provide better incentives to buy on PSN, but this isn't good enough. Bestbuy offers $20 credit for Gamer's Unlocked members(15 bucks a year membership) for pre-ordering and buying high profile console games.

GribbleGrunger1961d ago

That may be the case, but if it does demonstrate better than projected sales then perhaps other deals might get better additions in the future. PS+ took a while to get it's momentum and this could be another successful strategy. It allows Sony to offer what could be considered 'mini' PS+ offers in the future: Buy one game, get another free.

doctorstrange1961d ago

They should tell people about this in advance

Foolsjoker1961d ago

That is a good idea, guess we will have to see how it plays out.

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