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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play Sees 100,000 Downloads in North America After the First Week

Adding some validity to the decision of creating a Free-to-Play model for Uncharted 3′s multiplayer, Naughty Dog has announced that the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Free-to-Play has seen over 100,000 downloads in North America during the first week of availability.

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TrendyGamers1235d ago

Not bad, I wonder what the numbers were like elsewhere?

black9111235d ago

Whatever Happened to the option Recommend Games that are available on the PlayStation Store to Friends?

fourOeightshark1235d ago

It would have way more downloads if we still had that recommend feature.

-Alpha1235d ago

The new PlayStation store happened

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I think sony is smart doing this.. Bring out a franchise then make the older versions MP f2p! Even if the new killzone comes they could keep kz3 mp f2p!

It's better than old games just dying.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Smart? This technique has been around for years on PC. Stealing other platforms marketing strategies is called Business.

MikeMyers1235d ago

Of course it is. MAG was a prime example of a gaming community dying that had a great rebirth by offering it free to a certain cap level as well. Even if only a small percentage upgrades to the full level or just buys a few items it's worth it. It also brings more interest to the ip and could help sell older titles.

clearelite1235d ago

Excellent point. I would love to see Counter Strike GO go free to play with continued support from Valve.

CalvinKlein1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I dl it because I wanted to buy U3 just for the multiplayer already. I havent bought anything but it says it tracks your progress and Im level 35 from the beta instead of being at only 15. I wonder if it will unlock my progress if I buy the game on a disk too?

I will probably just buy the GOTY edition for less than 30(or even regular edition for 20$ or less) to get all the maps since just the level cap removal by itself is a 20$ ripoff and I think that still includes the adds. I will buy the real game just to get rid of the lame adds. Id like to have it digital but only if the full competitive multiplayer without adds was 20$(even without the extra maps).

below- I like SP games more but Id like the option to only buy the COD multiplayer (team deathmatch). I dont want the SP, or special ops or zombies, just team deathmatch. Id buy it if it was 20$ 20 for SP, 20 for multiplayer, and 20 for zombies would be great. then people could choose what they want. same with other games. Id like to buy just the SP of alot of games for just 40$.

ftwrthtx1235d ago

I'm not surprised by that. I'm curious to know if ND actually made any money.

LOGICWINS1235d ago

I'm assuming more than a few people bought some DLC.

HammadTheBeast1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I bought the unlimited level cap and may buy DLC in the future.

LOGICWINS1235d ago

Unlimited level cap? How much is that?

GribbleGrunger1235d ago

Agreed. It's a great way of getting people online and a great way of boosting DLC sales.

Godchild10201235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

I can't wait for the day where we (The gamers) can purchase something in the Marketplace or the PSN Store without leaving the game or losing our place in a game due to hardware limitations.

OT: Nice numbers for Uncharted. Nothing beats free! First Jetpack Joyride and now Uncharted 3. I can see Sony pushing the PS4/PSV as a great way (Alternative to PC, IOS and android) to utilize the free to play model.

ExPresident1235d ago

I can't wait till we can just buy the multiplayer portion of a game without the SP. This is a great start to that.

ExPresident1235d ago

Why because its an option? I would have loved the option to buy BF3 multiplayer without the single player portion because I don't care about the single player in Battlefield. It should be cheaper and it should be an option.

Not sure why people on this site hate options. Really baffles me.

BitbyDeath1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Disagrees are cause this is FREE. Why would you want to pay for multiplayer when devs are giving it away for FREE?

That should be the future for multiplayer only games IMO.

Free game, money made through DLC, not that i'm a fan of microtransactions but as long as it's not Pay-to-win then i'm all for it.

ExPresident1235d ago

I would pay if it avoided microtransactions. I don't support micro-transactions if it means I'm paying for stuff I used to get with a one time fee. League of Legends on the other hand does it perfect from my experience.

So therefor, yes, free is good depending on how the micro-transactions are done. Otherwise I'll just pay the one time fee for a complete multiplayer experience.

Ares84HU1235d ago

If you don't like sp games than buy games that are just MP. There are plenty. Also, if you don't like the SP you don't need to play it. But don't you worry. Soon enough they will dissect games and you will have the option to buy each level of a game individually and each weapon as well. It already started they just call it DLC or add-ons. Soon you won't even be able to buy a whole game intact.

Microtransactions FTW!!/sarcasm

ExPresident1235d ago

So, in the case of Battlefield 3, which I think is amazing, I should just not play it since I can't get the MP only in your opinion? Rather then have the option of getting the MP only I should just avoid the entire game? How is that better then having the option to purchase the portion I want.

Also, I don't like the idea of purchasing levels individually, or each weapon, etc etc. I already stated that above. Micro-transactions are not a win in most cases, unless done like League of Legends. But more options are better then less.

Ares84HU1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

No, I never said that you should avoid the full game.

I said that don't play the SP part if you don't like it. Also there are plenty of MP only games if that is your thing.

But in my humble opinion, if I buy a game I want the FULL version of the game not 1/4 or half of it. I want it full. You think if companies would get on the habit of selling a games MP and SP mode separately they would charge you less??? No, they wouldn't. They would charge you almost the guess is $39.99 for MP or the same for the SP. So if you want the full package you would end up paying more.

I just don't understand why having a SP campaign is a bad thing. It is the best in gaming a great SP is much much much better than ANY MP mode.

ExPresident1235d ago

@ Ares84HU

If I can save money by purchasing just the portion of the game I want, ie the MP or SP, then that would be a great option, and yes purchasing one should be cheaper then both, but both should be a savings deal as well.

I bought BF3 day 1 and I dont play the SP, but I should have the option of saving money and only getting the MP mode. I understand your concern that they would charge you more for one mode rather then a full game but that is something as a consumer I can support or choose not to with my wallet and I'm fine with that.

Your opinion on SP being the best of gaming is subjective as it is your opinion. It all depends on the game.

Rainstorm811235d ago

You can now.....within the F2P game

Ducky1235d ago

Starhawk and Killzone3 have this option.

In StarHawk's case, the SP and MP can be bought separately, while in KZ3's case, the MP version can be bought separately.

It's great too, because there are game for which I don't care about the SP, and if I'm buying them digitally, I might as well save some money and HDD space.

T21235d ago

Hell ya ive never played one missions of sp in cod or bf ... Not one ... Resistance was pretty cool tho

holdmyown831235d ago

I can't wait for that either. Especially for Call of duty games.

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Skate-AK1235d ago

I wish I could use my Online Pass for U3 disk version.

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