Journey sequel unlikely

Despite overwhelming success at tonight's BAFTA Game Awards, one of the creators of Journey has stated that a sequel to the game is unlikely.

onyoursistersback1152d ago

the ending of that game is left to the players imagination!!!

if the ending is not up to par, for the player.....its your own fault.
get out more and enjoy the beauty of being outside...

Irishguy951152d ago

Shouldn't have a sequel. They should go on and make something else that is equally as impressive but a different experience.

arbitor3651152d ago

please dont make a sequel. that is absurdly unnecessary. this is not that kind of franchise.

im sure thatgamecompany has plenty of new dreams to show us

FlameHawk1152d ago

Thatgamecompany is that that kind of company that would make sequels.

FlameHawk1152d ago

Lol I meant that they aren't that kind of company that would make sequels.

Hicken1152d ago

Who even wanted a sequel? The ending is perfect.

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