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On it's surface, DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfall may appear to be a lot of the same. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing) However, it was to our surprise that this was not the case at all. The art style used in the design of the animated sequences certainly brings a unique charm of its own to Vergil's story, but it's actually many of the subtle changes that this particular DLC introduces to the core formula of the game that builds a compelling experience of its own that certainly warrants a return from fans to the world of DmC.

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Zayne-Z662114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I can't say I completely hated the new Dante, but I did like Vergil more so... So I think I might actually give this DLC a shot over the weekend!

TiberusX872114d ago

@ Zayne - If you're a fan of DmC then it's definitely worth your time!