A Strong Lara Croft is Good for Gaming

Lara Croft's back and the consensus is that the new Tomb Raider is pretty good. It's a gritty reboot that actually works. How important is a strong Lara Croft to the industry?

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2pacalypsenow2109d ago

I dont see how this game will improve the gaming industry it doesn't make any better than other well respected games and Just because its a good game doesnt mean people will buy millions and millions .
I think the Game that is the best for Gaming industry (finacial wise) and im sad to say its COD since it bring in a ton of Cash . Not saying its good because its a good game just saying it makes a lot of money

nirwanda2109d ago

But COD doesn't have Potential to do anything other than sell millions of copies, where as lara in her peak had adverts for energy drinks, movies and loads of merchandise.
The lara of old opened up the gaming market and made it cool in some circles during the ps1 days.

Blacktric2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

"And that last piece makes Lara even more important. Quick: tell me one other female gaming lead your grandmother can name. Can’t do it, can you?"

How about Princess Peach? You know, the "one of the many other female gaming leads" that turned out to be actually strong and kicked a lot of ass in many of the Nintendo releases (except very early Mario ones). Or Samus Aran, the other other female lead that blew everyone's mind back in the day when she revealed herself to be a girl in a suit rather than a guy? And I'm not even gonna go into the "Samus isn't as relevant as Lara" statement of the author.

"and when Lara Croft is proving that female characters can kick ass, too."

So, this is just another example of trying to cater to that extremely picky (and also relatively tiny in terms of size) female audience in hopes of getting some hits for your site...

Phegan2108d ago

It's not good for the industry, Call of Duty is good for Activision. It does nothing for anyone else.

MysticStrummer2109d ago

It would be even better for gaming if the Tomb Raider series went back to what made it great instead of copying Uncharted.

optimus2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I can tell you it has, and then some... And call me crazy but didn't uncharted borrow from tomb raider?? Considering they took a girl and turned her into a guy with updated graphics and such.

MysticStrummer2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Uncharted is nothing like the old Tomb Raider, beyond the basic premise of a treasure hunting adventurer. This Tomb Raider has copied Uncharted more than Uncharted ever copied Tomb Raider. By the way I prefer the old Tomb Raiders over Uncharted so don't think this is just a PS3 fanboy comment.

Blacktric2108d ago

Even the platforming mechanics are the same as Uncharted.

sjaakiejj2108d ago

That's a really superficial observation. The game feels nothing like Uncharted when playing it. Sure it's added a more cinematic feel and scripted events, but it's different in almost every other way.

Siren302109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I don't remember leveling up weapons and skills and being able to fast travel back to other locations in Uncharted

MysticStrummer2108d ago

You didn't do those thing in the original (best) Tomb Raiders either, but surely you're not suggesting that this Tomb Raider did those things first?

I just want games to stay true to what made them great and set them apart in the first place, not copy other games, whether it's Uncharted, Call of Duty, or whatever game is being copied.

I loved the old Tomb Raiders more than I love Uncharted, and the TR series lost it's way before UC ever released. I was hoping this new TR would get back to that old style, but instead it's clearly gone the UC route, even if it has elements also lifted from other games.

optimus2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Well if this tomb raider remained the same as the old tomb raiders then you would have people complaining that they didn't change this or that...the old tomb raiders are outdated by today's standards otherwise we would have seen hd remakes of them instead of the redesigned one they released as a download last year or so...

Fact of the matter is this, it's a new era and gamers are very different now than they were in the 90' far as copying, borrowing, inspired by, or whatever you want to call it...of course uncharted borrowed from tomb raider if only the many other archeology adventure platform games can you name after tomb raider?? Not too many i bet... Besides, does it really matter who copied from who?? How many games haven't copied final fantasy, mario64, and the mother of all "inspirations"...str eet fighter?

Hell, i even remember a nintendo game called "adventure Island" that was a direct copy for another game on the sega master system where they simply swapped out the main characters and villains but left the levels and everything else intact...and don't get me started on the many fps that borrowed from wolfenstein 3d and doom...

Developers go with what works and what sells and try to outdo each other every time so if the new tomb raider borrowed from uncharted and added a few things here and there that's fine cause that just going to make developers push themselves further for the next uncharted and the next tomb raider after that.