PlayStation 4: A Step Towards the Handheld Gaming Exodus

Gi - PlayStation 4 has finally been revealed, although not in any physical sense. Naturally, it is an impressive device with amazing capabilities that have got people talking. PS4 will boast everything from GaiKai cloud gaming and streaming (which includes PS3,PS2 and PS1 titles) plus Move and Vita style touch pad capabilities on the DualShock 4 to having every game available as a digital download. One factor from it’s announcement especially, reflects a growing industry focus for ‘on-the-go’ gaming – PS4′s PS Vita support.

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DivineAssault 2108d ago

cant wait to see how it works..

miyamoto2108d ago

Based on Hideo Kojima's 2010 prediction of games going to a wide variety of mobile devices in the future

I remember having an idea of Sony making not one but two PS4 models:

1) one home console version
2) one is a mobile version

but there was bluray disc... saying no, you are wrong, not gonna happen!

Then they showed the PS Vita on 2011 with PS3 remote play.
All hopes of a Portable PS4 were dashed!!!!
Sony can't launch two portables at the same time.

Fast forward to Feb 20, 2013 and BOOM!
All my hopes, ideas and dreams were granted from up above the clouds. I was wrong then, but at the same time I was right.

Gaikai will make the PS Vita a “PS4 in your pocket”!!!!

Arigato Gozaimasu.