Famitsu review scores (3/5/13) - God of War: Ascension

The latest Famitsu reviews include the first God of War: Ascension score.

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smashcrashbash1415d ago

A solid 9 for GOW Ascension.Awesome.After playing both demos I am sure it deserves it.

Derekvinyard131415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I'm surprised they liked crysis 3 thought they were gonna be more harsh for some reason

Rockefellow1415d ago

Me too. Famitsu has become something of a joke over the years, though. Remember Nintendogs?

MaxXAttaxX1415d ago

Their reviews consist of only one paragraph.

knowyourstuff1414d ago

God of War has always been stellar, it's just perfect every time. Whether you think the game needs to change more or less with each iteration is irrelevant - it's always a damn good game no matter what anyone says.

Buff10441414d ago

Oh yeah, Nintendogs. The game that sold over 20 million copies worldwide. No one liked that game, right?

Knight_Crawler1414d ago

@Rocket - Just because it does not have guns, explotions,sex, drugs and violence that does not mean that its not a good game for someone else.

Go troll somewhere else.

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Derekvinyard131415d ago

Lol no what did they give it?

KingKevo1415d ago

A perfect 40/40 score. But that's maybe because they are Japanese and they have a different culture and therefore enjoy some games better or worse than we do. I don't have a problem with that.

BTT: I really want to play GoW:A now :D

Sony3601414d ago


'They enjoy games more because they're Japanese.'


Kingdom Come1415d ago

When did people start liking Famitsu's reviews on this site?

RankFTW1414d ago

When it suits their own opinions of course.

darkziosj1414d ago

when a ps exclusive get reviewed of course.

j-blaze1414d ago

i played the demo, it was easy and requires no skills it's like an expansion to GoW3, still, i'm getting the game when it gets very cheap

Kluv1414d ago

Cause it's a DEMO
You don't crank up the difficulty on a demo.

Skips1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Maybe you should try it on Chaos. Made Bayonetta on Climax seem like it was for babies. XD

Bow down to GOW. The king of Hack n Slash :)

ZombieKiller1414d ago

I just don't get how DmC scored anywhere close to a 9 when this God of War is a 9. GOW (by the demo alone) was, and still is, MILES better than that crap.

zlpw0ker1414d ago

well,its because in DmC you can chain combos together and be atleast a little creative,but on gow its buttonmashing deluxe and the combat is piss easy on gow.

I also died more times in DmC in gow:a,in fact I didnt die in the demo at all,thats how easy gow is on default,people want challenge in H&S games,even tho DmC is way more easy then any DMC games.
atleast DmC has more challenge then gow and thats actually saying something.

Sony3601414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Just played the demo myself. Simply awesome, can't wait to get this game!

adonisisfree1414d ago

The demo was underwhelming. We've played this before, it's called god of war 3.

IAmLee1414d ago

Glad to hear this. Been a huge fan of the franchise since PS2..

BinaryMind1414d ago

Straight 9s sound good until you realize it's famitsu which translates a 9 into 5.

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Blackhawk31415d ago

After just a little demo, I didn't expect much less. Excellent news! :-)

ginsunuva1414d ago

Yes what a great group of 9's. So nice. Numbers number numbers.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )


Day 1 buy..

After this than the last of us and beyond. Wow Sony Just Wow..

Ni no Kuni got a lot of 9's also.

darren_poolies1414d ago

I know it's not exclusive but Bioshock Infinite in a few weeks!!!

Anzil1414d ago

exclusive move and 3d support lol im pumped if its as good as killzone 3!

TechnicianTed1414d ago

'if its as good as killzone 3! '

I'm expecting it to be much,much better than *spits* killzone 3.

adonisisfree1414d ago

Ni no kuni deserved those 9's though.

InTheZoneAC1415d ago

For whatever reason I'm not all about this game.

I haven't bothered to look at the single player gameplay, but the online doesn't do anything for me. Just like the Uncharted series and how they added online.

For me, it's all about the single player, but this online focus is just taking me away from the game in general.

Heavenly King1415d ago

well the single player demo is spectacular, so I expect the game to be even more awesome!

It is looking to be better than GOW3 in every aspect, and that is not an easy thing to do.

creatchee1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

So just play the single player. Nobody in their right mind would say that God of War games don't offer their money's worth in terms of an epic single player experience.

Hicken1415d ago

Different strokes.

I loved the multiplayer in UC2 particularly. I couldn't begin to guess at how much time I spent playing that with my friends. Rocket launcher-only matches were ridiculous. And that's before you get into the co-op arena stuff, which is lots of fun. UC3 is also fun online- about to play it now; thanks for reminding me- though I think I prefer its predecessor.

As for GOW, I dunno what I'm gonna do there. Something... I suppose.

thawind1415d ago

Uncharted 2 was the first game I ever liked playing online.God of War is Day 1 for me.

BitbyDeath1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Uncharted 2 had brilliant online gameplay but i always had issues trying to connect so didn't play it often.

Uncharted 3 i didn't enjoy as much. Seemed to be a bit more generic (IMO), did connect easier though

MaxXAttaxX1415d ago

Online is not the main or only focus in Ascension or Uncharted 2/3.

So if you "haven't bothered to look at the single player" let alone play it, how can you jump to conclusions?

If you only care about the single-player, a mode outside of the main story shouldn't affect your gameplay experience.

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shotgun_ps31415d ago

Only one week to go and I'm wetting myself more than a footless Hermes!

deafdani1415d ago

I still cringe when I remember that sequence. Ugh. D:

Fishermenofwar1414d ago

Loved that battle..poor Hermes..