April Cover Revealed: Thief ( New Trailer )

Game Informer - Eidos Montreal has been working for years to reboot the classic stealth series Thief, and the fruits of its labor will finally be revealed in issue 240 of Game Informer Magazine.

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-Mezzo-1960d ago

I have not played any of the 'Thief' games, but certainly looking forward to this.

starchild1960d ago

You missed out. But good thing is, this looks promising. I can't wait.

Arai1960d ago

I like the video, and completely agree with what they said.
No point rushing out sequels after sequels on a yearly basis that's half baked.

RTheRebel1960d ago

PLZ Don't Ruin This GAme
MY favoritE Stealth Series of all TiMe Thief II The Metal Age =)

r211960d ago

Did they make the weapons based on their game designs....just to test them out? Thats some dedication right there!