The Mystery and Fraud of Tropes vs Men in Videogames

GR - "You probably remember from May of last year the Tropes versus Women in Videogames campaign launched on Kickstarter by Feminist Frequency."

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Ninjeska2109d ago

The vitriolic knee-jerk response to Sarkeesian's Kickstarter campaign was pretty shocking. It’s a shame that some people just view the world with an "us versus them" mentality, rather than considering the value of discussion.

Hopefully the Tropes vs Women videos encourage people to think critically (in the ‘analysing’ sense of the term, not the ‘disapproving’ sense) about our beloved pastime. :) And I hope the folks whom fervently oppose a simple discussion will one day act like adults and not be afraid of empathizing with others.

Smashbro292108d ago

I saw the first video, that took way too long and costed way too much money for what it actually was.