Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - New Details & Screenshots

Alex explores a lot of the new features that were discussed on Monday, as well as recapping what we found out via some of the leaked trailers.

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Shadonic2084d ago

DUAL WEILDING SWORDS!!! please be some sort of Co-op or something.

Irishguy952083d ago

All for show/ Dual wielding would change nothing for the Sword combat.

theWB272083d ago

Look at you Irish telling the future about something you havent seen...awesome stuff there.

snowman21492083d ago

Graphics do seem scaled back when compared to AC3, its probably because the world is so huge so it doesn't look as good as a smaller map
So definitely getting this with my PS4, not really worth buying on current gen consoles to be honest

Yukicore2083d ago

Ugh, pirates, as much as I like them, I don't think this would do justice for Assassins Creed game. Assassin's order would rather stand in an more controllable environment, somewhere in inlands. Not in the seas and islands, where there are nasty, drunk sailors and pirates.