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Gaming Increases Happiness in the Elderly

Does playing video games make you a happier person? If you are a senior age 63 or older, the answer is probably yes, according to a new study released by North Carolina State University. (PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   632d ago
Lots of gamers bemoaned the Senior invasion on their pass time-

BUT I thought it was Great.

I hope that their continues to be games developed that senior citizens and all ages can enjoy.
I am glad gaming makes them smile.
I also hope WiiU Sports is one of those titles.

The more people in this Gaming-Ship the more money will be flowing in the Industry for More INNOVATIONS or/and just keeping Console Gaming Healthy.
classic200  +   632d ago
Gaming can make a person feel young again lol, If I was 80 crippled in my wheel chair and you gave me bioshock to play then I would not even care about my old age because I will be using plasmids.
Apollo1  +   632d ago
I don't think I will ever play video games at this age.
I won't play video games after 60.
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slazer101  +   632d ago
Not only does it make them smile. It's been proven to help brain activity and hand eye coordination. The American government spends $1.2 million a year for such research. which i think is great. For both the gaming community and the elderly. To bad republicans are demonizing the research. I think they honestly would sell out there own mother for there political gains. Sad.

Number-Nine  +   632d ago
ill be a happy senior playing games one day.
SethAFitzgerald  +   632d ago
As much as the "younger" generation wants to hate on the "old" people for playing video games, I think this is actually pretty damn cool.
GreenRanger  +   632d ago
Playing games is good for the elderly.
It keeps their minds off their impending doom.
profgerbik  +   632d ago
Anything that takes your mind off the dull reality of life will do that.
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jagstatboy  +   631d ago
Anything that exercises the brain is especially good for the elderly.

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