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I Sold My Video Games To Pay For My Wedding, And Said Goodbye To Part Of Myself

Kotaku - Stacks of games sit around my living room, as I organize photographs from my phone. I log onto Ebay and check prices. I list a few games. I sell one almost immediately. That one doesn't surprise me. Tales of Symphonia. It's one of the rarer in my collection, and I had expected to make quite a bit, quite quickly. Ebay User #1 meets my expectations. (Culture)

jc48573  +   566d ago
not just wedding, there are times games can be a lifesaver for anything.
Army_of_Darkness  +   566d ago
If you're so broke that you have to sell video games to pay a tiny portion for you're wedding, then you shouldn't be getting married to begin with bro! LOL!
I can't imagine when he tries to get his own place or has a baby?!
StrawberryDiesel420  +   566d ago
He probably lives in the Mid Western region of the US, selling the games probably covered the wedding, reception, and honeymoon.
SilentNegotiator  +   566d ago

Wait....what are you saying about the Midwest? That you think EVERYTHING is majorly cheaper in the Midwest or that you think a wedding out here means your Sunday clothes and a keg?
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SatanSki  +   566d ago
Also if he didnt spend his whole life in the basement maybe he would get to know his parets who would fund his wedding ;-)
mochachino  +   566d ago
So you got what? $85. Used games/consoles aren't worth much....financially speaking, especially the one you mentioned.

You could have gotten a second job, worked for a day then quit and made as much money.

This story smell like BS, not the fact that he's selling his games but his reasons therefor.
Mounce  +   566d ago
I agree.

Basically, he sold things that held more technical value and sentimental value than it would industry-value due to trade-in 'shams' like what Gamestop tries to give you back for games that could be old, but also hard to find or in great condition.

There's just poor reasons especially if for a wedding or to do some kind of 'Out with the old, in with the new' for a wedding....did the woman lay pressure on this situation? lol. To me? Weddings are a bigger waste of money than Game-spending. Weddings last One fucking moment, have no replay value because there is none, the only similarities are 'The memories', but games can provide More of it that can last just as long. If you need over Hundreds or Thousands for a wedding? You're throwing money away, get a quiet and small one if need be IF at all.

Also, careful! It IS from Kotaku!
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jeeves86  +   566d ago
I read it, just to see what it was. It was terrible.

Get a second job, you would have made more money and got to keep your collection. However, some things, in some situations are worth selling. This doesn't seem like the time or the place.

Also... Has this guy not lived with his fiance yet? Living with someone before marriage tells you exactly how much time you will ha en to yourself, how that person really acts and what they are really like. It helps to avoid the whole shock of that first year, or at least reduce it.
Reverent  +   566d ago
-Mezzo- really needs to stop posting Kotaku's useless articles here...
Mounce  +   566d ago
@Reverent - It's a guaranteed way to get instant High-temperature points? :P
ILive  +   566d ago
The best place to trade in games will be amazon. The only downside is that they give you an amazon gift card for it. The best scenario is to trade a game in to get another game.
wsoutlaw87  +   566d ago
You could just sell it on amazon as used rather than trading it in. Youll probably make more.
ILive  +   566d ago
They would give you way more than gamestop ever would. That is the point I am trying to make.
AnimeAvenger  +   566d ago
Best I can do is $5.

Sweelix  +   566d ago
BanBrother  +   566d ago
"Best I can do is $5.....oh, my mistake, I can actually only do $3.50.


At least that is how it goes at my local gamestop/EB Games.
Sitdown  +   566d ago
"Best I can do is $5...oh you want cash, well that would be $3.50"

doctorstrange  +   566d ago
Married the wrong person.
Utalkin2me  +   566d ago
Lol, i agree
Tetsujin  +   566d ago
Marriage is the #1 cause of divorce


Unless it was minimum $3000+ in games I'd find something else to give up; gaming is one thing I'll never give up for anyone, regardless of who it is.
Qrphe  +   566d ago
"Oh man, another silly article I wonder where it's from"

Number-Nine  +   566d ago
hes gonna be lonely when he gets a divorce :/
NiteX  +   566d ago
That's kinda depressing. What happen to the father paying for the wedding?
FlameHawk  +   566d ago
I would never do that, if the girl can't accept me being a gamer then she isn't the right person to marry.
BXbomber  +   566d ago
preach on brotha :)
mwjw696  +   566d ago
Your preaching to the choir.

Memorys are worth alot more than an ebay listing price.

TheFallenAngel  +   566d ago
Wow, I wouldn't sell my games for a wedding. There's always time to save up. I was supposed to get married last year but I didn't because of money. My fiance doesn't mind wedding a little more. She is cool like that. Anybody played before while getting a bj? :p
Sitdown  +   566d ago
Guess I was blessed that my in-laws paid for the wedding, and ironically enough, wedding gift money purchased me a playstation 3. Currently I am going through the whole selling games dilemma, but that is because I don't want to come out of pocket for the playstation 4. Wife asked why, and said just set money aside.....but there are plenty of games still in plastic that I probably will never play, so might as well sell them.
GreenRanger  +   566d ago
Rule #1 of marriage: Don't get married.
NegativeCreep427  +   566d ago
My wife told me to disagree with your comment.
...LOL! Just kidding. I still have my testicles attached, along with my wallet.
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KwietStorm  +   566d ago
Your wallet is attached to your....? You know what never mind.
Moncole  +   566d ago
The person you date should accept you for who you are.
SKUD  +   566d ago
Only one reason a man would do such a thing to himself. She must swallow.
profgerbik  +   566d ago
Pussy Whipped?
MadMen   566d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
GreenRanger  +   566d ago
Here's what i would have done:
* Keep games.
* Sell girlfriend on eBay for a few thousand.
* Use money from eBay to marry ex-girlfriend's identical twin sister.
* Force wife to get a loan from the bank.
* Use loan money to buy ex-girlfriend cheap on eBay.
* Divorce wife.
* Use the rest of the loan money to marry ex-girlfriend.
* Live happily ever after.
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Reverent  +   566d ago
To keep it simple...

*Keep games.
*Tell girlfriend to get the f**k over herself.
ironfist92  +   566d ago
This guy sounds like he cant manage his money properly
Trenta27  +   566d ago
I sold games for my wedding. Sad to say that the end result which including games, consoles, and so forth paid for almost all of it. My steam account alone has about $9000 worth of games on it. I'm such a sad poor nerd...
worldwidegaming  +   566d ago
Games can be a form of "Cash"
not as good as cash but with Ebay you can turn it into some!
KillrateOmega  +   566d ago
Video games: Not only are they fun, but they can fund your wedding!

But in all seriousness, that was...a little depressing.

Why not just take a second job and hold off on the wedding for a while? I mean, if you have to sell your games like that just to pay for a portion of the wedding, what will you do afterwards? Like buying a house, children, etc. My main thought after this was that this guy has poor money management skills...
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ApolloTheBoss  +   566d ago
I'll give them a year.
Felonycarclub8  +   566d ago
If is fake or not, I still wouldn't sell my video games and systems for a wedding. I still regret giving my old systems and some my old games to my cousins and now am buying them back little by little cause now I have a family and some of the old stuff is expensive. But am happy I gave it to my cousins they always wanted to have video games but they couldn't afford them and now they are as big into gaming as I am.
Donnywho  +   566d ago
Dude... you're doing it wrong.
Y_5150  +   566d ago
"I've left her speechless. I love to leave her speechless."

Yeah she was shocked that you sold stuff without telling her...
ajax17  +   566d ago

those 2 seconds say it all... 4:35 to 4:37
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TiberusX87  +   566d ago
It's clear he hasn't lived with his fiancee yet, and he also states that he was a life-long geek before meeting her. It's all just inexperience, he doesn't understand yet that that whilst it takes a little while, a good relationship will find balance.

I've been living with my soon to be Wife for 18 months and we have no problems making time for both of our personal interests. I admit I felt a little indulgent when I was playing RPGs, so in turn started my own game website to justify my hobby on a more satisfying level. My Fiancé is about as far removed from a geek as you can get, as before meeting me her last contact with gaming was Sonic. However, she tries to show interest in the games I play and often gets caught up in the narratives. She also recently read all of the Mass Effect & Halo books after seeing me play the games. (Her way of being involved).

You just need the right woman, and to plan your finances accordingly. If you have to sell games to raise money, it means you can't afford the wedding.
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WeAreLegion  +   566d ago

It sounds like everyone on N4G came from a broken family.
WeAreLegion  +   566d ago
You guys have some very unrealistic expectations of weddings. The weddings you see in movies are million dollar weddings...even for characters with supposedly "low income".

Most weddings are anywhere between $1500 and $5000...unless your last name is Kardashian.

It was really nice of him to sell his games. Giving up gaming? I don't think that's something he should do. My girlfriend wasn't very receptive of gaming when we started dating. Last week, she asked me if she could try out Book of Spells, after seeing the Wonderbook on my coffee table.

Gaming may not be accepted in the mainstream, but people CAN be taught acceptance. Look at rock 'n roll!
artdafoo  +   566d ago
Too bad in five years he'll be going on EBAY looking for all that stuff after she divorces his ass. Sucker !!!!! And try telling her to sell her shoes or handbags.
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