I Sold My Video Games To Pay For My Wedding, And Said Goodbye To Part Of Myself

Kotaku - Stacks of games sit around my living room, as I organize photographs from my phone. I log onto Ebay and check prices. I list a few games. I sell one almost immediately. That one doesn't surprise me. Tales of Symphonia. It's one of the rarer in my collection, and I had expected to make quite a bit, quite quickly. Ebay User #1 meets my expectations.

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jc485732080d ago

not just wedding, there are times games can be a lifesaver for anything.

Army_of_Darkness2080d ago

If you're so broke that you have to sell video games to pay a tiny portion for you're wedding, then you shouldn't be getting married to begin with bro! LOL!
I can't imagine when he tries to get his own place or has a baby?!

StrawberryDiesel4202080d ago

He probably lives in the Mid Western region of the US, selling the games probably covered the wedding, reception, and honeymoon.

SilentNegotiator2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )


Wait....what are you saying about the Midwest? That you think EVERYTHING is majorly cheaper in the Midwest or that you think a wedding out here means your Sunday clothes and a keg?

SatanSki2080d ago

Also if he didnt spend his whole life in the basement maybe he would get to know his parets who would fund his wedding ;-)

mochachino2080d ago

So you got what? $85. Used games/consoles aren't worth much....financially speaking, especially the one you mentioned.

You could have gotten a second job, worked for a day then quit and made as much money.

This story smell like BS, not the fact that he's selling his games but his reasons therefor.

Mounce2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I agree.

Basically, he sold things that held more technical value and sentimental value than it would industry-value due to trade-in 'shams' like what Gamestop tries to give you back for games that could be old, but also hard to find or in great condition.

There's just poor reasons especially if for a wedding or to do some kind of 'Out with the old, in with the new' for a wedding....did the woman lay pressure on this situation? lol. To me? Weddings are a bigger waste of money than Game-spending. Weddings last One fucking moment, have no replay value because there is none, the only similarities are 'The memories', but games can provide More of it that can last just as long. If you need over Hundreds or Thousands for a wedding? You're throwing money away, get a quiet and small one if need be IF at all.

Also, careful! It IS from Kotaku!

jeeves862080d ago

I read it, just to see what it was. It was terrible.

Get a second job, you would have made more money and got to keep your collection. However, some things, in some situations are worth selling. This doesn't seem like the time or the place.

Also... Has this guy not lived with his fiance yet? Living with someone before marriage tells you exactly how much time you will ha en to yourself, how that person really acts and what they are really like. It helps to avoid the whole shock of that first year, or at least reduce it.

Reverent2080d ago

-Mezzo- really needs to stop posting Kotaku's useless articles here...

Mounce2080d ago

@Reverent - It's a guaranteed way to get instant High-temperature points? :P

ILive2080d ago

The best place to trade in games will be amazon. The only downside is that they give you an amazon gift card for it. The best scenario is to trade a game in to get another game.

wsoutlaw872080d ago

You could just sell it on amazon as used rather than trading it in. Youll probably make more.

ILive2080d ago

They would give you way more than gamestop ever would. That is the point I am trying to make.

TXIDarkAvenger2080d ago

Best I can do is $5.


BanBrother2080d ago

"Best I can do is $5.....oh, my mistake, I can actually only do $3.50.


At least that is how it goes at my local gamestop/EB Games.

Sitdown2080d ago

"Best I can do is $5...oh you want cash, well that would be $3.50"


Tetsujin2080d ago

Marriage is the #1 cause of divorce


Unless it was minimum $3000+ in games I'd find something else to give up; gaming is one thing I'll never give up for anyone, regardless of who it is.

Qrphe2080d ago

"Oh man, another silly article I wonder where it's from"


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