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Submitted by HyperBear 997d ago | news

Nintendo's Miyamoto discusses Wii U's future dual GamePad and NFC support

Of the many hardware features crammed into the Wii U's hefty GamePad — from a touchscreen to a front-facing camera to motion control — one of the most mysterious remains the controller's integration of near field communication or, as its better known, NFC. At a meeting this afternoon, Shigeru Miyamoto — Nintendo Senior Managing Director, and the designer behind some of gaming's biggest franchises — said that creating games with NFC integration was more of a priority than a game supporting dual GamePads. (Nintendo, Wii U)

kirbyu  +   997d ago
"Nintendo's Miyamoto", as opposed to Ubisoft's Miyamoto.
darthv72  +   997d ago
an easy fix would be...
they add in the use of the 3ds with the circle pad pro as a form of gamepad type of control option.

It may not have the technical prowess of an actual gamepad but the similarities of them both having touch and streaming connectivity makes it to convenient to just ignore.
kirbyu  +   997d ago
I still don't think the 3DS needs a 2nd circle pad. But they can add one if they want. As long as it's below the ABXY buttons, not above. I probably wouldn't get a 3DS + 2 Circle Pads either way, but Nintendo should still remember which design is better.
Zelda please & Bayonetta!!
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   997d ago
I can't really see anything Revolutionary, gameplay wise, that can make use of this technology.

I guess you could do somethings like Skylander and Disney but that has always seemed kind of meh.

Using figure or (if) Cards to add characters to a game seems kind of unnecessary.

I guess micro-transactions would be great for security- no credit cards or Codes to type in...
-Just scan something you buy at the store, Like a 1 step phone card.

The US Dragon Quest X for WiiU maybe the 1st user.
kirbyu  +   997d ago
"Just scan something you buy at the store", if you mean what I think you mean, the 3DS may already have that. Whenever I add credit to the 3DS eShop, it says I can scan a QR code, but I don't know why.
bullymangLer  +   997d ago
maybe, just maybe . nintendo will do the oll "toy in the cereal box" routine . and maybe just maybe nintendo will add secret playable characters for the next smash in the form of NFC toys in cereal boXes all around the gLobe . . or NFC cards .
ISNeko  +   997d ago
Best thing: buy Nintendo eShop points card, touch gamepad, points added. Continue with life.
arbitor365  +   997d ago
"NFC is perhaps best known as the wireless tech used to transport Skylanders' figurines into the game when placed upon its NFC-powered "portal."

"With NFC, that's a feature that everyone that owns a Wii U can take advantage of. So that's what we're putting our priorities right now."

REALLY? that is where your priorities are right now? i cant even make fun of that. i cant make that sound any dumber.

and nintendo wonders why they have lost so much of their hardcore audience.
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Realplaya  +   997d ago
As I have watched Nintendo's release of the WII U I have put together random thoughts and if Nintendo would love to use my ideas I don't mind sharing I just want a check because I just figured a way to help them boost there sells well maybe.

1. NFC what people don't realize is there are many uses of the NFC technology that transcends just games. If you remember the WIIU demo there was a part where there was a family watching tv then someone swiped there finger on the gamepad and then the video of a bird popped up on there TV. Imagine Nintendo gets movie studios to put movies on a card that houses an NFC chip swipe it on the game pad and send it to the TV.

Lets look at the recent news that there is a cartridge for the 3ds that allows it to connect to the WII U perhaps that is there NFC technology being used. Lets imagine that on that 3ds game it can transfer game data to the WII U and be updated to 720 P or higher resolution. It may sound far fetched maybe not but Nintendo"s divisions shocked everyone with the combining that they did. Some saw that as a pure business move to minimize profit loss. I saw it as an opportunity to maximize ideas give birth to new connectivity.
If Nintendo were to do this and get the 3ds and the WII U to connect flawlesly Sony couldn't match that.

2. WII U gamepad they indicate they have been exploring ways to get multiple game pads to work flawlessly .
What if they updated the gamepad to incorporate the same processor the 3ds houses this would add additional power to allow for multiple gamepads to function and free up additional processing power for the WII U. That Idea may sound crazy but imagine this processor extends the range of the gamepad and allowes it to function as a portable of sorts. You can have cards that have a NFC chip in them that contain games that you can play. Also my biggest gripe with football games is people see your plays. Sports fans would eat the two game pads up.

If they do this then incorporate and buy up or buy back program since the WII U numbers are low enough. You could have the option to buy the upgraded game pad and send your old one in for a free upgrade. Now they sold a extra gamepad and brought new ways to play.
This would sell because now you can have split screen' and two off screen controllers and that would be awesome for multi player games.
Mcflyy  +   997d ago
Since Gamefreak seems adamant on not bringing the main Pokemon series to a console, I kinda want to see a TCG game on the console that implements NFC.

With the new generation of Pokemon coming they can make new booster packs that include rare NFC cards or a whole booster pack full of NFC cards, swipe them on the reader and have the cards appear ingame to help build your deck or trade online.

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