Why Quantic Dream’s Beyond Means the PS4 Can Wait

Heavy Rain was simply a fantastic game. The wonderfully crafted script mixed with stunning acting performances made for an emotionally moving gaming experience. thesixthaxis felt so much heartbreak for the virtual characters, to the point I shed a tear in sorrow.
Then there was Kara, a short seven minute tech demo that managed to leave you with a real sense of urgency and worry for the robotic Kara. It was mind blowing that even a short script could start off an emotional journey of fear and intrigue. The idea left unanswered questions and it could easily be developed into a fully fledged game.
From then on thesixthaxis fell in love with Quantic Dream.

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miyamoto2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Singularity PS4


classic2002109d ago

I will be playing beyond 2 souls while getting ready to purchase the PS4 at the same time watching the this journalist wait.

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medman2109d ago

Here's the problem with Beyond:Two Souls...we have yet to see any meaningful gameplay. How can you possibly make any determination of what this game will or will not be without significant hands on time? Ludicrous. There is no question this is one of the games I look forward to learning more about at E3, but to suggest this game means the PS4 can wait is just wrong. Whatever this game is on the PS3, we know it could have been that much better on the PS4. You could say that for any game coming out this year for the PS3, including The Last of Us. That doesn't mean the games won't be brilliant, it means that it's hard to ignore the technical upgrades when looking at the specs of the PS3 vs. the PS4. I will definitely be purchasing The Last of Us, and depending what Beyond:Two Souls gameplay turns out to be, it is definitely on my list of potential purchases. But my anticipation of these titles does not exceed my excitement of what the PS4 will/may offer late this year. Hard to look at a game like Watch Dogs and not be excited for what future gameplay possibilities may involve.

Irishguy952109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

The gameplay is the same as Heavy Rain. We've seen demos of the gameplay already

There is the new ghost mechanic which looks static and terrible but the main gameplay seems to just be the same as Heavy rain.

GribbleGrunger2109d ago

David Cage: "The game is very different from Heavy Rain, probably much more than people can imagine. The first obvious difference is that there will be two characters to control: Jodie and this entity that is Aiden. We can do some really interesting things with Aiden: fly, walk through walls and interact with matter or characters in a rather peculiar way. What we showed at E3 was in fact a working version based on the same interface as Heavy Rain, but it is not the final interface of the game."

DigitalRaptor2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I didn't buy Heavy Rain just for its gameplay, although that seems to be the focus of disdain for many people who like to refer to it as a movie with practically no gameplay. From my experience, I was in control 90% of the time, just like in Fahrenheit.

No, I bought Heavy Rain because the concept sold me. The dark, crime thriller background. The characters, the story, the promise of a branching storyline/character outcome. It looked like it was unique and the gameplay looked similar to Fahrenheit, which I also liked and knew Quantic Dream were behind that. And it looked pretty too.

So I'd say I'm looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls for many of the same reasons, but also different and new ones at the same time. I know that the gameplay will be in the same vein as Heavy Rain, but with an alternative spin. I've watched E3's demo and it looks great in my opinion. I can just imagine the sort of things you will be able to do with Aiden's abilities that you couldn't do in previous QD games, and that will add a dynamic to the traditional gameplay I've actually played in their previous games.

There's also the guarantee that Cage's standard of screenwriting has improved since Heavy Rain, and the acting talent also has improved tenfold with Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and god knows who else. Those are pretty much my reasons to not hold much doubt against it.

PS4 is a different ballgame, and Watch Dogs looks awesome, but it won't sway my excitement for games like BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us, GTA V and Beyond. BioShock Infinite's entire game state is pushing on what current gen consoles can do anyway in my view, so it's borderline next-gen stuff. I think you'll see that when it comes out. Some games are almost too ambitious for one piece of hardware.

MrDead2109d ago

"Why Quantic Dream’s Beyond Means the PS4 Can Wait"

You have fun waiting while I play on my PS4.

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