Microsoft's head of Xbox doesn't see Valve as a competitor

Valve is preparing to enter the console market with its "Steam Box" gaming hardware, but Microsoft doesn't consider it as a competitor just yet. Speaking at Microsoft's TechForum this week, Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business, fielded questions about the strategy for Xbox and its competition. Asked about viewing Valve as a competitor, Mattrick simply said "no" before noting Valve is "doing some innovative stuff" and creating some great experiences. "The scale of products and things that are being brought to market are probably a little bit richer when I look at Sony, Nintendo, Apple, and Google," noted Mattrick.

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Root2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )


Déjà vu...right

Like when Sony didn't see Microsoft as a competitor or threat when they entered the console market

Be careful what you say Microsoft...anything could happen

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joab7772110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

They have been a competitor on pc for a long time now. Many ppl have moved from consoles to pc and steam. Now they are taking that to the living room.

Its a very arrogant statement coming from a console that needs a big showing for next gen. The last 2 yrs havnt exactly been inspiring for the hardcore base. Either that, or has been written, Nintendo is their new competition for the casual a motion control audience.

r1sh122110d ago

i think this also depends on how valve market the steambox..
Whether it is a console more than a 'PC'.
Marketing will have more to do with this and the games that release with the steam box,

Im sure MS thought the interactive entertainment business would not be hurt by the Ipad but the Ipad is the reason for the reduction of PC and laptop sales..
It potentially could harm the gaming market too (maybe not now but in the near future).

Gildarts2110d ago

If they keep selling games for dirtcheap prices with the console then they are definitely a threat. Microsoft should not take them lightly.

LAZL0-Panaflex2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Agreeed. Im gettin ps4 and steambox this time around and skipping wii u and xbox i would say if steambox didnt come and ps4 was still a cell chip with low ram i wouldve gotten the xbox 3. So tecnically steambox is a competition if its stealing customers from microsoft.

Last gen igot all three...but now ps4 is more like a pc with alot of ram with their bad ass game line up and i can play the 3rd party games that wont be shitty ports. I wantsteambox for steam and to play all the old pc games.

stage882110d ago

Don Mattrick - The slimiest guy in the video game business.

This guy just has a face you want to punch and has the charm of a greasy used car salesman. Back on topic, don't write valve off just yet, wait and see.

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Derekvinyard132110d ago

I thought Microsoft liked valve

Root2110d ago

After their new relationship with Sony and Steamworks for Portal 2....I'm afraid that "relationship" has come to an end

TheDivine2110d ago

Root I wouldn't count on any Valve games on Sony consoles. Why would they sell their games on another console after they launch theirs?

Gamer19822110d ago

Looking at rumored prices of steam box I cant see it touching console audience. Its gonna be premium PC market price (£700+) and thats a small market. Most those gamers also like to build there own systems so I feel Valve will fail. Shame as when I first heard of STEAM Box I was hoping for a cheap PC but it wasn't to be.

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BigStef712110d ago

Don Mattrick is the reason why the 360 went casual while abandoning the hardcore fanbase in the process. You can thank him for Kinect existing. This guy does not belong in the video game industry because all he cares about is gimmicks. Xbox had its best years was when J Allard was in charge. That guy was the man

BlueTemplar2110d ago

Completely agree - Allard and Peter Moore did great things for the xbox, things seemed to take a massive slide in the wrong direction (for me at least) when this guy took over.

BigStef712110d ago

Exactly!!! I have always felt uncomfortable with this guy ever since he took over lol

cervantes992110d ago

Agreed! The first couple of years were FANTASTIC on Xbox. The last couple? I could so care less.

Microsoft will have to give me (a member of the Hardcore) a reason to care again.

Translation - original and exciting IPs with no word of Kinect anywhere on the box. Otherwise, I'll just stay with PS4 only next gen.

BigStef712110d ago

Yea it was awesome to own a 360 for the first half of the consoles life but as soon as they stopped supporting the hardcore I switched to playstation which was the greatest decision of my life lol

HyperBear2110d ago

I agree, at least for me anyways, watching Peter Moore go on stage at Xbox Press Conferences was awesome. The way he commanded himself and spoke about developers and partnerships and showing off new and exciting games, and also throwing jabs at the competetion (Refers to E3 2006 at Sony, lol).

I was actually shocked when it was 2 weeks after E3 2007 that he announced he left Microsoft for EA Sports, and ever since then, Xbox hasn't been the same (led to J. Allard and Robbie Bach eventually leaving as well)

BigStef712110d ago

Peter Moore is the man as well. That guy is one of the reasons the Dreamcast was awesome. He had my respect from his tenure at Sega but his great work at Microsoft made the hardcore want to own a 360 because the system was getting supported with exclusives at that time unlike the ps3(which is funny because the ps3 eventually became the hardcore gaers system which I am proud to own now lol). So basically once that trio of Moore , Allard , and Bach left the 360 went downhill from there no doubt in y mind
shut your face Troll
Is it the right thing to do? definitely not but all the game industry now is about capitalism which is a sad thing because the quality in titles from AAA publishers is starting to show a decline. So with that said as gamers we should decide with our own money that we have no interest in the yearly milked sequels but that we want and deserve fresh new IP's. Also about switching consoles I was just suggesting if they actually cared they would support the hardcore but thats probably not going to happen which is disappointing. That's fine with me because I switched to Playstation a few years ago for good:)

ALLWRONG2110d ago

You PS3 fans would know about core games, after all the PS3 hasn't had any since 2011.

Outside_ofthe_Box2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Journey, PSA Battle Royal, and Ni no Kuni all say hi.


lol you trying to say Starhawk, TM, Journey and Ni no Kuni are made for the masses? If so then you fail.

Gamer19822110d ago

Money talks though.. Those so called hardcore fans stuck around and most will probably buy the new xbox and the casual direction MS took brought in a new audience. So do you think MS really cares about Hardcore gamers? NO as they know you will stick around for Halo, Forza and Gears and a bit of exclusive DLC. You moan about it being crap yet continue to buy MS console. Gamers have all the power in the industry NOT Microsoft NOT Sony and certainly not Nintendo as we are the ones buying the consoles. If your unhappy with the decisions and where your consoles headed go to another console. I did and never looked back. I'm not mainly a PC gamer..

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thebudgetgamer2110d ago

He better be carefull, I'm already eying Steam Box more that the next Microsoft console.

TongkatAli2110d ago

Remember Microsofts comments about the Iphone when it came out ? Yeah, Microsoft isn't good at reading the future.

majiebeast2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Steam offers a better service for free then xboxlive and has as much third party support so what does Microsoft have that steam doesnt besides some exclusives like Halo,Forza and Gears?

If i was Microsoft i wouldnt take the steambox lightly.

MakiSaad22110d ago

Valve has Half-Life and they can make left 4 dead an exclusive as well so microsoft should be worried about their future market share in the US

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