Rare veterans Flippin Pixels: “In the console market you just cannot take risks”

"Flippin Pixels is a group of ex-Rare veterans who have with a new start-up of their own team in a smart building just outside Leicester. The five man team have worked on the likes of Banjo, GoldenEye, Donkey Kong Country 2, Viva Pinata and the recent Kinect Sports titles.

Each of the developers at Flippin Pixels joined Rare in the late 90s, when the company was producing an unrivalled stable of games, exclusively for Nintendo. “Rare was unique. Nobody was making games of the quality that Rare and Nintendo were making,” says Shaun Read, design director. “The reason Microsoft bought Rare was very clear. They had a very core-orientated console, and it was doing very well – but it was just for the core audience. The Xbox built its success on FPSs, very good ones at that, but they bought Rare knowing that we made games that appeal to a wider audience.”, writes Edge.

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Cam9772115d ago

Journey, The Unfinished Swan, the Souls series... What a load of rubbish! Maybe they can't if executed poorly, but with the right skills, taking risks is the right way to go! Just look at how much media coverage quirky PSN game Journey received. Why? For being different - they took risks!

Companies such as EA certainly imply the opposite by running tired franchises into the ground. Ignore EA, EA is now stupid.

RTheRebel2114d ago

Some Publishing Companies don't give a crap about innovation lol
they care about what makes $$$

dredgewalker2114d ago

I agree, it's not a risk if a game is great. If a developer isn't confident with their game then why should the consumer buy it? The ones who come out at top are the ones that take the greatest risks and attained success. Business will always be a gamble, even playing safe doesn't ensure success and sometimes only get mediocre gains.

MysticStrummer2114d ago

Two of the most talked about games last year were pretty risky. Journey and Walking Dead. Sure WD had a hot license behind it, but how many cell shaded point and click adventures are being made these days? Those games did well critically and commercially, and were even talked about as GotY contenders by many. I guess we can expect a real lack of innovation and imagination from these guys in the future.

jetlian2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

yea and both were cheap in cost and cheap in design. Both are 80s to early 90s level games.

They aren't 20 million dollar AAA risks.

CBaoth2114d ago

Demon/Dark Souls the SP portion isn't innovative. CRPGs have existed on PC for decades. Geez, even console players have had the opportunity the play the genre themselves on the PS2 from the SAME company. I give From their due credit on MP integration.

The other 3 IPs, Journey, Unfinished Swan, and the Walking Dead are all digital downloadable games. You people just illustrated their point; there is very little creative risk on IPs with 50 million dollar budgets. It's pretty easy to print a disk after you've sold 12 million DD copies (WD).

Of course people care about money. They're adults. They have bills to pay, mortgages, children to provide for including college. I wish I got paid to fingerpaint my imagination on paper. Must be nice

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clintagious6502114d ago

Thats why I love about sony. They arent afraid of taking risks on new ip's. Nintendo use to be the same way until they went mostly casual with the wii.

Drakesfortune2114d ago

Sony says hello! I

Its companies like these with this type of mindset, the reason gameing industry feels stale at times...what ever happened to rare!

Good_Guy_Jamal2114d ago

Is sony really a good example? I mean they didn't make money this whole generations. They are yet to recoup their losses.

Silly gameAr2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Everyone wants a Halo sized franchise with low risk and big reward. I like the guys that are willing to take risks, and and put actual effort into what they do.

In that respect, I think Sony is a good example. If they were in as bad of shape as you seem to think they are, I doubt we would see a PS4.

But, I guess that's just Sony taking those silly risks again.

Kietz2114d ago

Let's be honest here.
Sony does bring out a lot of games.
Which are the ones that really bring in the money though? The established franchises.
There's weight to his words with this one. Not saying that developers shouldn't try to innovate, but there is weight to his words and I see why developers might find it smart to play it safe.

TuxedoMoon2114d ago

Sony has been throwing out a larger number of new ops, but they don't market the games well enough. I do disagree that great games sell well, xenoblade and the last story were 2 examples of great games that didn't sell well or got a lot of positive hype...or awards. It's really all a game of chance. Not all great games get the attention they deserve.

Adolph Fitler2114d ago

Sony kick a$$ at doing new things. I care not for haters of Sony, but they deserve props for still bothering with awesome studios like Team Ico, that although made 2 of THE BEST PS2 games, & in fact, 2 OF THE best games in the history of gaming, suffered at the register, as most gamers didn't bother, until it was too late. I mean, BOTH these awesome Team Ico games were so great, that I can't see how any video gamer could ignore these games, in fact, Ico was like a new age Mario in spirit, it had the same age old story of rescuing the princess, but it was implemented by Team Ico, in such a way, that it didn't alienate itself from the casual market, & it should have sold in bucket loads.....but the marketing was non-existing to say the least. Ico came to PS2 at a time when GTA 3 came to the system (or at least not far off), & truly outstanding games like these were trodden on by the tirade of terribly overhyped & smartly over marketed.
So, what I guess I am saying is, that if marketed smartly & plentifully, then you are 3 steps closer to success. I have the tv on as I type, & I have literally seen the same ad for the new Tomb Raider every ad break & before I switched channels I saw the ad run twice in one ad break.....Now, that is marketing, as the game is awesome, the ad is awesome & intriguing, & I believe it WILL SELL copies based off the ad, as casuals that don't come to sites such as GS, GT, NG4, etc, & are blissfully unaware that a new Tomb Raider game was on the cards. Now, I personally know many casuals that loved TR on PS1 & TR2, not to mention several sequels that came to PS1. Now, many of these people will see this ad & say, "f$#k yeah, looks awesome, gettin' it"......and they will run off & buy the game after having it's awesome looking advert. thrown constantly in there face every night..they won't have bought a game since COD:BO's 2, Fifa 13, NBA 13, Madden 13, or any such big, casual aimed, title hit store shelves, & combinations of nostalgia, intrigue, the opportunity to stare at the a$$ of a girl protagonist, & other reasons, like it's payday tomorrow, so I need to offload some cash to a good cause, which entails the purchase of a case of beer, a stick of fine hydroponic weed & of course, the awesome looking Tomb Raider game for my PS3/360.

So, that said.....I'm pretty sure TR will do good sales numbers thanks to the awesome marketing/advertising, the awesome graphics & vistas, the fact it is Tomb Raider & Lara Croft, & the word of mouth factor of people who own the game & agree with what most reviews have to say about the game.

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