Rainbow Skies latest Details: Key features, More Emphasis On Story

GamerFitNation: Recently it was announced that a partnership with SideQuest Studios and eastasia software would be working on a new title. Rainbow Skies, a new role-playing game, is coming to consoles and handhelds in late 2014. Although the game hasn’t been confirmed which console it will release on, there are few key details that were revealed to us by Marcus Pukropski of SideQuest Studios.

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fredolopez2114d ago

the artwork looks pretty cool, it reminds me of Bastion!

Blastoise2114d ago

Sounds like they're really going all out for the sequel, which is good.

I'll keep my eye on it :)

r212114d ago

Sound like a very promising sequel. And they changed the character designer, didnt like the way the characters in RM looked.