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GamesTM: "It asks some questions about where we’ve come since Lara’s creation and reforges her as a blood-soaked killer not really suited for civilisation, which is entirely appropriate given the calibre of videogame storytelling we’ve seen emerge since 1996. This is a product of an industry starting to look inwards upon itself while still making fantastic games, a title along the lines of Far Cry 3 or Spec Ops: The Line, and while it’s not perfect by a long shot, it’s one of the best Tomb Raiders you’ll ever play."

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maximus19852112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

ok i dont get it. in far cry 3 the guy you control starts out just like lara, scared, weak, and unable to handle killing people. In BOTH you start killing people from the start and animals brutally as soon as you gain control, actually much sooner in far cry 3 than this game so why is it an issue now? im glad the action kicks off sooner so im not left watching pointless "im not ready" transition.