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Submitted by Relientk77 1074d ago | video

Game Scoop: Does Tomb Raider Go Too Far?

IGN - Lara's reboot contains particularly grisly death animations, and they have IGN Editors talking. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider 2013, Xbox 360)

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MariaHelFutura  +   1074d ago
Do know know what would happen if you got a tree branch to the head while being thrown down a river w/ a strong current? Answer: It'll go straight through your skull.
Crazay  +   1074d ago
No farther than any other game with kill scenes. Now...Time to move along mainstream media. You've beaten that crap out of that dead horse since last summer.
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AdmiralSnake  +   1074d ago
I agree 100%
HammadTheBeast  +   1074d ago
Kratos must be on a whole new level then...
Reborn  +   1074d ago
I think Mortal Kombat would like a word? In most cases, it represents what would happen if a human was in that position.
2pacalypsenow  +   1074d ago
A man gets dismember ,stabbed, shot (wow that was awesome )
A woman gets killed (ban this game!!)
ShaunCameron  +   1074d ago
My sentiments exactly. While there are more women than men on Earth, they're treated like a scarcity.
madcowz64  +   1074d ago
I don't think it's too far, if she was brutally raped and and torn limb from limb then yeah that's a bit far. I think that since this Tomb Raider is rated M and no one has really ever seen Lara get killed in a brutal way maybe it puts you on edge.....but hey if you can watch a fan favorite like Leon get his head cut off then this game is fine.
Neixus  +   1074d ago
I think they should of kept the 16+ rating, tomb raider doesn't fit the ''serious tone'' Uncharted is dominating that point, and that won't change. despite it got alot of jokes in it, the overall game is more mature than tomb raider.

Was going to buy this game for my little sister (13 years old) but didn't know it was 18+ so i didn't.
Tomb raider fits the family rating, as the previous games.

My opinion.
claterz  +   1074d ago
I don't think Uncharted is a mature game at all. In fact I would say they made the right decision in making tomb raider an 18+ as it sets it apart from the Uncharted series.

I've only played the first few hours of Tomb Raider but it already feels very gritty and dark compared to Uncharted. For me Uncharted will always be a typical Hollywood type game with predictable stories and full of cliches. Having said that UC2 is still my favourite game this gen.
dboyc310  +   1074d ago
Couldn't agree more. Tomb Raider take a more gritty and dark tone while Uncharted is just a colorful action adventure game. Uncharted 2 remains as one of my favorite games this Gen because everything was so balanced and close to perfect. Animation, voice acting, smoothness in gameplay, character development etc. But yea Tomb Raider and Uncharted are two different games when you look pass the obvious.
Ultr  +   1074d ago
true that... my little sisters love tomb raider... but :///
Wished it was 16...
SnakeCQC  +   1074d ago
ohh plz whats always been true is real life events are always more sadistic and horrednous seriously i can't stomach the news all the time all these drone strikes on men women and children etc
aviator189  +   1074d ago doesn't.
games like god of war and mortal kombat would like a word.
Ultr  +   1074d ago
But tomb raider never was like that.. It was apealing to younger audience, heck my little sisters used to play it...
krautgamer  +   1074d ago
what tomb raider games? the psx games were for a mature audience and your sister wasnt probably even born then if she`s to young for this game...
aviator189  +   1074d ago
Well, if you are looking at it from that perspective...then, yeah.
But I feel the new maturity is good for the series, imo.
Ultr  +   1073d ago
Yeah they werent born when the original was created, but they jumped on it in the PSP era. and those were some awesome games.
Yeah you could now say they werent fit for them anyway, but there were NEVER such scenes as heavy as these.
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1074d ago
It goes too far in the wrong direction. It's no longer about raiding tombs and solving puzzles. It's all about shooting people with hundreds of bullets, killing animals for XP, and playing CoDified multiplayer in a franchise that never needed it.
gamer7804  +   1074d ago
couldn't agree more
kevnb  +   1074d ago
People like violence, heck even the news is all about violence.
gamer7804  +   1074d ago
the more violence doesn't bother me, its the quantity of the violence. they reversed the tombraider formula. They are catering to the mainstream audience, while losing their core audience in the process.

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