Game Scoop: Does Tomb Raider Go Too Far?

IGN - Lara's reboot contains particularly grisly death animations, and they have IGN Editors talking.

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MariaHelFutura1659d ago

Do know know what would happen if you got a tree branch to the head while being thrown down a river w/ a strong current? Answer: It'll go straight through your skull.

Crazay1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

No farther than any other game with kill scenes. Now...Time to move along mainstream media. You've beaten that crap out of that dead horse since last summer.

HammadTheBeast1659d ago

Kratos must be on a whole new level then...

Reborn1659d ago

I think Mortal Kombat would like a word? In most cases, it represents what would happen if a human was in that position.

2pacalypsenow1659d ago

A man gets dismember ,stabbed, shot (wow that was awesome )
A woman gets killed (ban this game!!)

ShaunCameron1659d ago

My sentiments exactly. While there are more women than men on Earth, they're treated like a scarcity.

madcowz641659d ago

I don't think it's too far, if she was brutally raped and and torn limb from limb then yeah that's a bit far. I think that since this Tomb Raider is rated M and no one has really ever seen Lara get killed in a brutal way maybe it puts you on edge.....but hey if you can watch a fan favorite like Leon get his head cut off then this game is fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.