PlayStation 4 Social Aspects: Why It’s Great and Awful

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes about the Social Aspects of the PlayStation 4.

"The PlayStation 4 is going to be here this holiday season. When it was announced there was one feature that really peak my interest. That feature was the social sharing included with the system. I know people out there like their privacy and rightfully so.

The world is a crazy place and there are wackos. However, this is one feature that I could not help but revel in."

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fredolopez2107d ago

interesting, great post!

Dylila2107d ago Show
Conzul2107d ago

Interesting, yes, but he was vague about he meant by "horror stories". Is he talking about abuse and trash talking from other gamers? Is he worried that anonymity might still be allowed? It had better be.

Whatever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones..." Buncha' pussies. It's a "horror story" if someone online calls you a name.

Sony, you better allow anonymity on PS4....

SilentNegotiator2107d ago

No it isn't, it's stupid. No one is being forced to use the social features. There is nothing "awful" about it.

Autodidactdystopia2107d ago

I dont really want to share what i do on my playstation i think all this sharing crap is gonna become a problem in the future.

Do you guys think the social media craze will ever end or is humanity bound to an eternity of every single thing you do will be advertised like its cool.

#shopping for soap ...YOLO!


MysticStrummer2107d ago

It's optional. Calm down. The only thing potentially awful for people who want to use these features would be if they require a PS+ subscription, which many of them likely will. Sony needs to make a few of them free though if they really want to stick it to XBL. It would be funny if cross game chat was free, for example.

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Chaostar2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I never understood the paranoia surrounding privacy on PS4, they even addressed it at the announcement, stating that your PSN name and online anonymity will remain in tact if you so choose.

I also don't understand the resistance to 'social features' coming from the core gamers. I'd say quicker sharing of awesome moments, score 'bragging', challenge setting, party finding, remote control and generally greater communication would be conducive to the core gamer's online needs. Yet still it seems to grate against what is probably a vocal minority.

Anyway it looks as though Sony is taking an innovative step toward bringing us some really cool social features and I for one welcome them.

smashcrashbash2107d ago

They have to find a problem. They tell Sony they need to be more social to get with the times and then tell them how it could go wrong. You tell someone to do something and then contradict them when they do it. And if they don't so it they are old fashioned and can't compete.They already said you don't have to give your real name if you don't want to.

HammadTheBeast2107d ago

It's funny since every social feature is completely optional, yet they still find ways to complain.

SilentNegotiator2107d ago

It's just GamerFitNation saying whatever will annoy people with it's stupidity to get hits.

Outside_ofthe_Box2107d ago

***"They tell Sony they need to be more social to get with the times and then tell them how it could go wrong. You tell someone to do something and then contradict them when they do it. And if they don't so it they are old fashioned and can't compete."***


A2X_2107d ago

You must be on your period. Awful.

majiebeast2107d ago

Unplug your internet on ps4 no more social BS thats how i will play. The only social aspects i like are streaming and video capture. I hate all the companies who decide we want facebook and twitter intergration like EA with the always online of Simcity.

saoco2107d ago

The social aspect is but an option. You don't have to use it, but it will be there for those who do. They are not forcing anything Dow your throat ( no homo!), if all you want to do is play, then do so.

This is how I see it. It's like a car, you buy one and you're gonna get all these options. You don't have to use them. Ex. I can connect bluetooth In my car, but I don't.
I rambled too much. Bro!!!! Why complain about extras?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2107d ago

They are forcing the social stuff down people's throat. That's why you have a share button on the controller. They got rid of the classic start & select for share & options. Sharing could've easily been done through a PS button like menu or w/e. Instead you have a big button put on the controller that says "Share".

I don't want anything to do with that facebook garbage on my consoles.

GraySnake2107d ago

@ Dante

You don't have to. Don't click the share button and don't import your facebook profile. It's easy as that. God forbid they got rid of a button that most games don't ever bother using anyway.

saoco2107d ago

Wether we like it or not, it's gonna happen. But at least you have the option. Like I said you don't have to participate. I don't share my trophies on Facebook but many of my friends do.

MysticStrummer2107d ago

Nothing optional could possibly be forced down your throat, Dante. The share button is for people who want to use it, but you're not required to. I doubt the functions we got from the start and select buttons will simply vanish. You'll just have a different way to access those functions.

Sono4212107d ago

Anybody that's actually upset by the social features are just anti social fucks anyways... so just don't mind them.

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nevin12107d ago

personally i have no interest but good for those who do.

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