No Guild Wars 2 Expansions Currently Planned

IGN: "No expansions for Guild Wars 2 are currently being created, though ArenaNet hasn't ruled out the possibility in future."

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Farsendor11690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

they will have expansions if they want there game to keep selling and player to keep playing :).

ATi_Elite1690d ago

They are gonna do something to continue on the good sales figures of Guild Wars 2. With 4 million units sold and climbing ArenaNet will release something in the future to get an uptick in sales.

Guild Wars 2 is HUGE and there is plenty to do so yeh I do understand ArenNet making sure the game runs fluid before adding a major Expansion.

Plus with Otherworld, ArcheAge, Neverwinter, and Everquest Next coming out ALL MMORPG's better do something to maintain their player base

MMORPG is one competitive genre!!!

Farsendor11690d ago

completely agree with you. imo arenanet needs to update wvw better.

Saryk1690d ago

They will go the micro transaction route. Maybe a zone or two cheaply.....