Square Enix registers "Deus Ex: The Fall" domains

GE: "A lot is happening in the Deus Ex universe at the moment. An updated version of Human Revolution appears to be Wii U-bound, a movie is in the works, and there's likely another Deus Ex game in the pipeline."

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MariaHelFutura1932d ago

The Fall. Transhumanism at it's finest.

3-4-51932d ago

SE needs to stop registering 30 games a year and focus on making 3-4 really good games a year.

They are spread out way too thin and it is showing in the lack of content and quality in their games.

They have become generic.

Agent_00_Revan1932d ago

Did you even play Human Revolution?

Hellsvacancy1932d ago

Itll be the domain for the sequel to the movie lol

Trago13371932d ago

Expand of everything you did in Human Revolution, but this time MAKE SURE THE BOSSES DON'T SUCK PLEASE.

that was my only complaint with HR.

Skate-AK1932d ago

That's because they outsourced the boss fights to another dev. I don't think it would happen again.

OhMyGandhi1932d ago

Sweet. This is one franchise that hasn't been tired out. :)

-Gespenst-1932d ago

Terrible cliched name, but nevertheless I hope it's a game not a film.

DON'T OUTSOURCE THE BOSS FIGHTS. THE MISSING LINK BOSS FIGHT WAS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT. Address that, and you're golden. Human Revolution was incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.