10 Ideas for the Future of Mass Effect

With the final piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC being released this week, Matt of Gaming Irresponsibly looks ahead and shares some of his ideas and hopes for what the next game in the franchise could be like.

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Godmars2902109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Whoa. First ever top ten list I wholly agree with.

Though honestly, given the failure ME actually is after and even during the first game, I can't imagine Bioware doing anything good with ME4. Especially with the studio's creators gone. Its just Hudson and EA calling the shots.

Would like to point, for the nothing its worth, that the conversation you have during ME2 with the Asari who's ran immoral if not illegal experiments or whatever on human colonist could have been a whole game and adventure on its own.

zeal0us2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

1.No more cutting content and trying to sell it as DLC

2.Introduce more weapons and class like in ME3MP for FREE in the SP mode

3.If ME4 is the start of a new trilogy FFS don't let all my hard work be in vain when coming to end of the trilogy

4.Make the DLC worth it and not some small scale random dlc that really don't add to the SP.

5.If MP is added keep it similar to ME3MP system, free map packs, character packs. Keep the microtransaction system the same, MP only. Whats in the packs should stay random.

6. Add some PvP/Co-op missions to the MP. Shooting at enemies for 10+ rounds is fun but after a while it gets boring.

7. Don't make it more shooter centric. Keep the RPG and TPS element balance.

8. Don't make the character look like Tony Parker

9. Add more humor moments

10. Allow me to explore more worlds and different races.

joab7772109d ago

Make a sci-fi shooter/rpg ...oh wait, they did and it was awesome and then they ditched it. Really, though, with Gears, Halo, And God of War doing prequels, there are a million stories that could be done in this time alone. You could also go to a previous impending invasion that brought us the protheans. All i know is that the where ME doesnt get enough credit is in their different classes, abilities, and enemies. The multiplayer was actually quite brilliant. Now, i am not saying to do a mmo but this universe does lend itself perfectly to creating ur own character and story and becoming a hero. Maybe something like origins, in which u are the hero but u can be whatever race or class u like. U recruit players like before but it is a true rpg and i am sure they can figure out the story. Though, this is why the ending was so bad. They could have set themselves up for future games but instead they closed themselves off. Very strange.