Sony Risking a Bad PS4 Launch With Unpopular IPs

In this Lost Episode of the RealGamerNewz Show the RGN crew gets together to discuss a bunch of topics ranging from the Wii U's struggle to regain reasonable sales to the PlayStation 4's lineup and the effect it will have on Sony's next generation launch.

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classic2001631d ago

First adopters are the Playstation gamers, these are pretty popular to us and of course with marketing who knows how much more better they will do.

Infamous to me looks extremely refreshing out of all the others plus new IPs will surely hit at E3.

jujubee881631d ago

What makes anyone think PS4 will launch without at least one multi million selling IP over the last few years?

Also, there will also be new IP (one of a few being "Knack").

NewMonday1631d ago

Last of Us, GOW:A, GT6 would have bean a killer lineup if they were set on the PS4, but the PS3 will get them. this could mean Sony has even more surprises

miyamoto1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

You guys might wonder who the hell was that guy talking about the PS4?

He is Mark Cerny : an industry veteran and consultant.
He is known for making new games IP that are ground breaking, award winning and bestvselling all at the same time.

Mark Cerny is the chief architect of the PS4

The Secret Weapon of Choice of Sony.

We have not seen everything yet. It was just a teaser

He is the top authority Game Changer since Sonic the Hedgehog. He helped launch game changer platforms like the Genesis, PlayStation, PS2, and the PS3.
Were these games popular during console launch?
Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted?

Do not under estimate Mark Cerny. His decades of experience in the industry proves he knows what gamers need even before they realize it.

As a game designer he is up there with Miyamoto, Suzuki, Naka, Kojima, Yamauchi, Ueda etc.

This guy understands the industry inside and out. Some one who knows what he is doing.

1631d ago
Omni-Tool1631d ago

I honestly think the hosts of this podcast are seriously grasping for straws or they are some seriously delusional MS fanboys.

HappyGaming1630d ago

This rumors opinion and speculation pieces are going to far! Wait for E3 13!

morganfell1630d ago

realgamernewz risking downvote with another ill concieved and absurd article.

WalterWJR1630d ago

I believe the saying is grasping at straws

Seraphim1630d ago

how quick we are to forget the lackluster titles we always see at launch. EA Sports, a few random titles, fact of the matter is there's rarely anything that great or popular out the gate. People are buying for the future. Not for day 1.

pandaboy1630d ago

This states the truth, you guys attacking it are the real trolls here. Blinded by your love for sony you can't see that the world doesn't care about killzone or infamous. This is looking to be the worst launch line-up in history for sony. Even ps3 had resistance and motorstorm which were fresh AAA ideas.

Aceman181630d ago

i love both IPs so PS4 is a no-brainer IMO, and drive club looks to be pretty interesting so i'll be giving that a go too.

theBAWSE1630d ago

one and a half stars....come on people lets get this website down to zero stars

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NeverEnding19891631d ago ShowReplies(9)

Damn I get 9 disagrees for saying good show wow.

Emzx991631d ago Show
Reverent1631d ago

@Emzx99, you've never been to a YouTube Console War comment section then, have you? lol

wsoutlaw871630d ago

they probably disagreed with you

saint_seya1630d ago

The land of stupidity, dont think so, u know why i know this, because u didnt got name king.. so it cant be.

NonApplicable1630d ago

That's because 9 people didn't think it was a good show. It's that simple.

JetP06191630d ago

@ BLACKBIBLE actually you got 125 disagrees on that and 57 on this one

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imdaboss11631d ago

Im hyped for Killzone and Infamous being a launch title for the PS4..Its popular and sold millions world wide so i dont know what the hell is going through their head when writing this piece of article

andibandit1630d ago

Thats all good but you want some new ips when releasing a new console and i dont think Knack is gonna cut it

iGamerZero241630d ago

Agreed ! I'm so hyped that Sony is getting back on the PS2 era track m

Worst Podcast ever a bunch of doom and gloom guys who live with parents ! Welcome to N4G were every blogger thinks there creditable in the gaming world.........this is why I go to IGN for most of news , there not the best but at least they don't pull articles out of there ass

DOMination-1630d ago

I think its because as a franchise, most people outside of N4G think Killzone is just an above average shooter. Guerrilla Games are the most overrated devs out there. Shellshock was terrible. KZ was decent but not as good as Sony had hoped. KZ2 delivered a great game after a troubled development but KZ3 was souless.

I like the Infamous games though.

Kurt Russell1630d ago

I know it's not popular opinion (which is fine) but I genuinely don't enjoy Killzone (it looks fantastic but the gameplay honestly feels generic next to others), and Infamous just isn't the type of game I really like playing (it's aimed at a younger audience than me)... so in the smallest sense I agree with the article, although I think for the most part they're chatting turd as there are plenty of people who do love these franchises.

No doubt they'll be down bubble votes for trolling, but that's my honest opinion. I so far do intend to get a PS4, but I am also awaiting other annoucements before any pre-ordering happens.

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Derekvinyard131631d ago

This article is a good guess as of now, but more games will be announced without a doubt there's going to be more maybe a new crash game u never know

fr0sty1631d ago

Article should be titled... "Journalists are risking making themselves look dumb by judging a console launch based on a handful of games announced, even though the company that announced those games made it loud and clear that they were holding many more games and console features off for E3 and other industry events that happen between now and the launch of the PS4."

T21630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Agreed - The console is 8 months away by best guesses ... Judging a console by its launch lineup 8 months in advance is stupid beyond comparison.. Trolls just count on everyone forgetting how stupid they were ... Show me the articles on launch lineup AT launch ...

fei-hung1631d ago

replace "show" with "trolling" and you would have a more accurate comment.

Are these guys even gamers with comments like that? Where have they been the last 6-7 years?

Sony showed the best Sony FPS Exclusive, the best Sony sandbox Exclusive and a new IP along with 3rd party support and all this just to act as a teaser of things to come.

Judgmental articles like these, whether about the PS4 or next Xbox are like judging a fetus's entire life on the planet after birth before it has even been given birth to.

Question now on my mind is, who the hell will sort out these ridiculous so called journalists?!

SilentNegotiator1630d ago

Of course you like it. This nobody site is a lot like yours, Gamerfitnation, employing ridiculous sensationalism to get hits.

solar1630d ago

ill buy the PCS4 day 1 if The Last Guardian is a launch title. i really really hope it is.

ILive1630d ago

Can you please stop with the pcs4 rubbish.

sak5001630d ago

@solar sorry to disappoint you but TLG will be launch title for PCXboxS5

JaredH1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

I feel like this is just a flamebait title just to get people to listen to the podcast. I'm not falling for it.

Spookshow1630d ago

Knack! ROFLMAO... so weak!