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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review |GAMINGtruth.com

Chris Ramirez of GAMINGtruth takes on the latest installment into the Naruto gaming series. Find out how it stacks up against its predecessors.

"For Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, controls have been simplified to an attack, jump, and chakra charge buttons causing the fight to be a spam fest. Gone are the battle introductions. This is a small but important change as these introductions connected the story and fight rivalries, allowing these matches to be much more fun. With it gone, battles carry less importance." (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Xbox 360) 5.5/10

a_bro  +   598d ago
Troll review...
LaWiiG  +   598d ago
You're just a_bro
colonel179  +   598d ago
Yeah I agree with Baka. You are just trolling. The game even if it was the worst of the series (which is obviously not at all) it wouldn't be worth a 5.5.

The game has improved a lot and made the game more cinematic, which is something fans were looking for.

I hate people that try to state their "opinion" just for hits or getting attention. Be professional dude. Liking a game or not, is not the same as the game being good.

I for once, hate halo, but that doesn't mean I don't accept is a great game and deserves the high scores.

Review games for what they are and what they have. Not for what you wish they were and had.
Baka-akaB  +   598d ago
Nah you are just a troll reviewer . Even to someone who aint a fan of the current naruto titles , it is that obvious .

"For a franchise known for it's fighting game prowess"

Pure BS . The ps2 and gc era game were mere smash bros clones without even the depth of the real smash bros titles . Sure they had more combos and stuff than ultimate ninja but that's it .

"the campaign is like an interactive movie"

Which is pretty much the Naruto fans' dream and best kind of campaign found since the first game

The game got a top notch realisation , wich can't always be said of all the usual anime game "junk" . It's slower but you forget how less chaotic it is compared to previous iterations .

It's hard to believe the suym of the game would be only worth 5
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jc48573  +   598d ago
while I do agree, there is a good amount of strategy involved in this game for multiplayer.
jetlian  +   597d ago
I agree it wont be a 5/10 but the ps2/gc games had more depth than these 3d ones.

This still needs another attack button. KNJ needs to effect chakra. Now its a race to get a opponent to KNJ just to land basic combos
clintagious650  +   598d ago
Wow a 5.5 out of 10 is hard to believe. Just with the campaign mode alone because the love for the manga is worth the purchase.
maximus1985  +   598d ago
its not a 5.5/10 game just check other reviews and youll see. i have the game and its just as good as storm 1, 2 or generations
raWfodog  +   598d ago
It seems a lot of things that the reviewer was nitpicking on is what a Naruto fan is looking for. This game is pure fan-service and is not trying to bill itself as a 'traditional' fighting game. Fans want the deep story-telling, they want to relive the events of the manga/anime, and they want the over-the-top fights.

This review was also very contradictory at times. For example, the reviewer complained that the game was very story-heavy leading into the battles. But then he also states, "Gone are the battle introductions. This is a small but important change as these introductions connected the story and fight rivalries, allowing these matches to be much more fun. With it gone, battles carry less importance." Why would we need battle introductions if you've been following the 'heavy' story??

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Williamson  +   598d ago
These games are mainly made for fans. So if your a fan then it will be an enjoyable game. I can't wait to start the story mode since the anime is going to have fillers this month.
SirNintend0  +   598d ago
Game sucks
maximus1985  +   598d ago
YAH troll YAH! get !!
kingPoS  +   598d ago
All I can say is don't jump into Naruto games and expect them to play like Tekken. You'll only get hurt... just like me. lol
maximus1985  +   598d ago
i almost fell under the troll bridge. tricky tricky troll you
TrollExterminator   598d ago | Spam
KODxfactor  +   598d ago
Nice review. Not a big naruto fan myself but I get the same response from people who bought the game today
SirNintend0  +   597d ago
Naruto.fans are so sensitive. Jesus.

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