GamesBeat: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate can’t translate 3D gameplay into 2D (review)

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is thoroughly disappointing because it’s trying to marry two unwilling elements. The core experience in a 2D Castlevania (most notably Symphony of the Night, since that was clearly an influence on this game) is in direct opposition to the power-fantasy styling found in Lords of Shadow.

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TrendyGamers2081d ago

Ouch. Lowest score so far if I'm not mistaken.

Godchild10202081d ago

I'm still sad this wasn't on the Vita.

Hanso2081d ago

wait half a year XD
and its gonna come to psn

ThaBlackBaron2081d ago

wow the troll reviews are never going to stop on ninendo platforms! never heard of this site b4 either

mrbojingles2081d ago

VentureBeat is actually pretty major.

ThaBlackBaron2081d ago

I also find it pathetic that there are TONS of positive reviews yet the very few bad troll reviews are the articles getting approved

Dannycr2081d ago

Is IGN trolling too? I don't care what anyone say, I'm going to buy this game whether someone says it sucks or not.

ThaBlackBaron2081d ago

Thats exactly who i was referring to when i sad few

DivineAssault 2081d ago

Go for it & let me know how it is.. When i found out it wasnt sprite based, i knew i wasnt getting it.. I LOVED LOS but this is in no way even close to the gore & fluidity as the console version.. Those types of combos belong in 3d environments, not 2d.. Even worse is that theres NO NEW WEAPONS OR ARMOR! No thanks.. I absolutely LOVE castlevania too but im not buying this abomination

kB02081d ago

Most postitive I've seen were from fans.

5 years ago I use to say "screw reviewers" listen to regular customers review the I don't know who to believe anymore. I've seen SOOOOOOO much biases...especially from customers.

Have you played this game? I played it...really bad animation...very bad pacing and just downright lousy presentation....

I can't believe they could put this in the same series with lords of shadow...The ps3/360 versions ARE FAR superior....

Really disappointed..I've waited for a good portable castlevania far it's the PSP Dracula X.

Bust seriously who expected anythign good from these devs?

They gave us Clive barker's Jericho...some Nokia game? and Scrapland (which was ok...).

Yes they worked on LOrds of Shadows...but it was CO-DEVELPED.

I expect lords of shadows 2 to fail, it's fully developed by them.

BullyMangler2081d ago

and thats the way the cookie crumbLes

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The story is too old to be commented.