Soul Sacrifice: 5 Reasons It’ll Be PlayStation Vita’s Saviour

"The PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) has been struggling to sell for the past year. Whether it be in Sony’s backyard of Japan or other territories, sales numbers aren’t spectacular. " |

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Y_51502108d ago

The demo is going to be my deciding factor.

Y_51502107d ago

I need to hear an arguement why you guys think it's not right for me to judge a demo if I'm really interested or not. I've seen videos and read upp on some info. This demo is going to show me all the content.

C-Thunder2107d ago

Depends on how well they do the demo. Recent Monster Hunter demo didn't come close to showing new players what it was all about, same could happen with this one depending on how deep the game is.

Xof2106d ago

Sony Fanboy Logic.
If you're not 100% certain, absolutely so, that it will be the best game ever and will turn things around completely for the Vita, you're ass-backwards wrong.

And also a Nintendo Fanboy.

Just because.

H4all2107d ago

multiplayer not lagging.. i play it.. so smooth..
really good game.. with many element and magic..

DarkHeroZX2107d ago

I know! Made me order one of these off ebay. My friend will be getting my regular black vita for his B-Day.

deep_fried_bum_cake2107d ago

Damn that's a sexy looking Vita, albeit a pricey one.

DarkHeroZX2107d ago

hey it was worth every penny. Plus its a newer model so I'll take that. I'll be doing an unboxing video on Youtube once it gets here next week.

FriedGoat2106d ago

Damn you Darkhero, Jealousy ensues.

miyamoto2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

SS is proving to be a great title

to early to call

we haven't seen Gram Turismo, GOW, Final Fantasy X, Killzone Mercenary, Mon Hun and a whole lotta lovin' yet ;)

mrbojingles2107d ago

What Mon Hun? It likely isn't coming to the Vita anytime soon.

miyamoto2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Knowing Capcom?

Didn't they say the same with Capcom 5?
Resident Evil 4, Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7?... and Look what happened?

Didn't they say the same about Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles?
How did that one go?

So who knows it wont happen again?

Like the PS3 the Vita will have many great games, features and won't rely on one game alone to succeed.

No one thought AC III: Liberation will sell close to 600K, right?
Now that's a system seller.

Blastoise2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

Day one :)

Probably the game I'm most excited for out of the whole of 2013. And that's saying something cos theres loads of awesome games coming out lol

TongkatAli2107d ago

Chrono Cross composer, nuff said.

LiViNgLeGaCY2107d ago

Already got this game pre-ordered and paid in full! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.