Is the Horror Genre Dying Out?

More and More 'horror' games are becoming more action oriented than actually scaring the daylights out of one has to ask: Is the horror genre of gaming really dying out???

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Godmars2902111d ago

Given that single payer is...

Though I could see someone applying the online mechanics in Journey into a multiplayer horror title.

Linsolv2111d ago

I wouldn't say that single player is dying out, per se. I think that the suits have noticed that you can make more money from games with multiplayer, but that doesn't seem to matter all that much to the smaller devs like Double Fine and Obsidian, never minding indie devs.

morganfell2111d ago

I agree the SP isn't dying out. The issue lies in the fact that the tripe spewed out under names such as Resident Evil is no longer horror. Smaller indie titles such as the Slender series have taken up the calling and with them the genre is very much alive.

We can't properly gauge the fate of the genre until we stop including games that despite their roots no longer belong in the genre.

ABizzel12111d ago

Hugely disagree.

Single Player is here to stay, and the driving force behind many games. Multiplayer is a good addition and some games are all about the multiplayer (Specifically shooters), but the Action-Adventure and RPG genres are all about single player and they're the biggest genres in the market (well RPG has been a bit slower than normal thanks to lack of JRPG's).

As far as horror games, the problem with them is that people develop the mentality once you've played one you've played them all, which is unfair but kind of true. If you play or watch too many scary movies you know when to expect the scares, and you get that sense of somethings about to jump out at me in a minute, so developers need to be conscious of prevent gamers from getting those feelings and actually scare them. Another thing is a lot of people don't like to be scared or admit it so they don't even bother with horror games no matter how good they might be.

I don't think the Horror genre is dead, but I do think it's one of those genres that needs to see very few releases per year.

MestreRothN4G2111d ago

The single x multi question is not related AT ALL with the horror genre issue.

Demon's Souls, Dark Souls (invasions) and Search and Destroy can provide much more tension and scares than most "horror" recent titles.

The problem is not multiplayer at all.

MysticStrummer2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

SP isn't dying.

I like the idea of a huge open world zombie game where you can run into other survivors. DayZ doesn't have nearly enough zombies to qualify. Players shouldn't be able to communicate unless they find walkie talkies or are in close proximity to each other. Maybe they could leave notes or something if they wanted to alert other survivors about a place to gather and make a stand. Or a group could see a flare go up, then decide whether or not to chance a rescue. The longer you stay in one place, the more zombies will gather, until they inevitably get in. Players should be able to get bitten, then try to hide the bite from their friends until they turn and attack. If their friends find out, they can kill the infected one right away or let them stick around to help as much as possible before ending it. We need more zombies onscreen than Dead Rising, but have a much darker look to the game. I have lots of ideas for different genres. Holla at me devs!!! :)

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Robotronfiend2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Once "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" releases we will have this discussion again. :-) Dead Space, Amnesia, Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth are a few great horror games.

Horror games are like horror movies. The truly great ones are rare. Even when they remake great horror movies, often something intangible is lost or a poor decision is made along the way (The Thing is a good example).

I think it is a perception issue. There are just so many more games releasing now that it feels like there isn't enough offerings from the horror genre, but that's good. Some genres are better sampled than gorged upon and horror is one.

Not all genres should be developed, handled, and marketed the same way.

TheOneEyedHound2111d ago

I am hoping this game is scary.

Conzul2111d ago

From interviews with those who've played the demo, it seems it may be the most horrific game of this gen.

Joe_Jack2111d ago

I'm afraid so. Dead Space is not Dead Space anymore and Resident Evil isn't Resident Evil anymore. They are now just more 3rd person shooters. The Last of Us in our last hope for a good horror game I suppose.

FlameHawk2111d ago

Completely agree, RE is now a Action game rather than Horror.

Linsolv2111d ago

Maybe for consoles that's the case. More and more I've been thinking that consoles being a closed market is what makes their games suffer. A lot of smaller studios making games like Scratches, Amnesia, and Slender (to name the first 3 that pop into my head) can't really afford 10,000 for a dev console when it's not going to add that much to their revenue without being able to advertise.

IcicleTrepan2111d ago

The horror genre is not dying out. I think the action market is bigger, so it's easy to make your game less scary to make more money. To greedy companies it's a no brainer.

FlameHawk2111d ago

I don't get how if a game is scarier, it's more expensive to make?

IcicleTrepan2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

probably because you didn't read my comment fully as then you'd see I never said that at all.

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