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TG writes: Fuel Overdose is releasing today on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. Is it worth the cost of two gallons of gas, or should you just leave this one in the garage?

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TrendyGamers2112d ago

Might check out the demo just for fun.

Foolsjoker2112d ago

It was an interesting game, I just wish they didn't have a 12 year old design the characters.

dbjj120882112d ago

Haha, this game looks crazy. I might still have to try if it goes on sale some day.

ftwrthtx2112d ago

This game is very hard on the eyes. Not really made for a big screen TV. They should have just put it on the Vita and stayed away from the console.

profgerbik2112d ago

Oh god terrible choice in trailer music. I hope that was not an official trailer..

Was interested but that music killed all the interest I had.

ftwrthtx2112d ago

That is an official trailer.