Gamers XTREME - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review (PS3/360)

Glacier928: "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is quite an experience that fans will really love. The presentation and story is really impressive, the gameplay is engaging, the soundtrack is great and the visuals are simply stunning. Aside from a few quirks here and there, UNS3 is a great game that fans should not miss out on."

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MakiManPR1931d ago

Can't wait to my copy to arrive from Namco Bandai Store. I bought the Collector's Edition!

Y_51501931d ago

I got that edition too! Mine is already here, the magic of shipping is impressive. I thought it'll take longer! :P

MakiManPR1931d ago

Already? wow that was fast. I payed for the fastest/expensivest shipping and still nothing. Not even a confirmation that it was shipped. I live in Puerto Rico could that be the reason?

Y_51501931d ago

Probably, i'm from the easteren side of the US and it started to ship from Tennessee. It got here at 11am! but i couldn't play it till now.

Williamson1931d ago

Really excited to be able to play this game now.

SOD_Delta1931d ago

I'll be picking my copy up later today.

SaffronCurse1931d ago

I went to 5 different stores and they all sold out Ps3+ 360 copies!
Lucky i was able to find a last copy at a small shop.

Jihaad_cpt1931d ago

Preorded but I only arrive home from a business trip friday!!