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Platinum Games: Ask Capcom if You Want Okami 2

Plenty of people out there would love to see a sequel made — especially now the Wii U is out — but of course Capcom would have to be willing to publish it. (Dev, PS2, PS3, Wii U)

Black-Rock-Shooter  +   942d ago
OMG yes OMG yes!!!!

I would love that to happen but its capcom and they Rarely do what the fan want D=
Derekvinyard13  +   942d ago
With poor sales I doubt they will make another one
Black-Rock-Shooter  +   942d ago
well from what I see the HD re-release did pretty good.
fsfsxii  +   942d ago
Nope, we don't, capcom would just ruin it like any other title they have.
kirbyu  +   942d ago
Well then you better tell Capcom you want it, so they won't make it.
fsfsxii  +   942d ago
I think they know what people want, as i've heard that the first game got poor sales.
Anyway, i love that game and i just want it to have a clean history not like RE
kirbyu  +   942d ago
I don't. I want Street Fighter X Mega Man. A Street Fighter game with SF characters and MM characters.
fsfsxii  +   942d ago
Isn't that already made by a fan???
kirbyu  +   942d ago
That was a traditional Mega Man game, but with Street Fighters as bosses.
Enigma_2099  +   942d ago
Yup. Capcom stepped in and gave him permission, basically taking credit for the game.
Brucis  +   942d ago
Yes please.
DarkZane  +   942d ago
If there is a sequel, there is no way it would be on the WiiU exclusively.
_QQ_  +   941d ago
The wiiu is the perfect console for a game about drawing....
TongkatAli  +   942d ago
Without Platinum........hell no.
lilbroRx  +   942d ago
I thought there was a sequal on the DS though. It was called Okamiden
rezzah  +   942d ago
I still have to get this game.
tweet75  +   942d ago
it would be a dream on wii u using the gamepad as a drawing pad. Even an enhanced discounted port of the original okami with this feature would be nice on wii u.
RememberThe357  +   942d ago
Only if Hideki Kamiya leads the project. I didn't touch Okamiden because he wasn't apart of it. A next gen Okami would be epic and I'd be all in for it.

And by the way, what the hell is Capcom doing with Onimusha, do they not want my money? They've messed up Resident Evil (4 was dope though), pushed Lost Planet down our throats, and completely failed at rebooting DMC (thankfully), but no Onimusha? Maybe its for the best now that I've thought about it, but I'd love to see Onimusha back.

Okami and Onimusha, make it happen Capcom!*
*With the right teams and directors, no more reboots.
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-Gespenst-  +   942d ago
Also Breath of Fire.

There is the risk that they'd eff up all three of these games though...
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TranceXTheory  +   942d ago
i surprised someone has heard of this amazing series kudos to you
baldulf  +   942d ago
Guys, this is just Kamiya trolling over twitter... again.
Why o why  +   942d ago
if it even came close to the quality and depth of the original then yes....I dont care who's at the helm
Summons75  +   942d ago
Ummmm yes! Platinum makes only the best games
Qrphe  +   942d ago
Kamiya is a huge jerk; I like him.
kamikazepikmin  +   942d ago
kamiya doesnt take shit from anybody
PygmelionHunter  +   942d ago
Yes! I do! I do! I do!

Been saying it since I first saw the Wii U, that thing was pretty much made for games like Okami!
Neo Nugget  +   942d ago
Does Okamiden not count? :<
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   941d ago
Please... Capcom... May we have another?

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