Platinum Games: Ask Capcom if You Want Okami 2

Plenty of people out there would love to see a sequel made — especially now the Wii U is out — but of course Capcom would have to be willing to publish it.

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Black-Rock-Shooter1718d ago

OMG yes OMG yes!!!!

I would love that to happen but its capcom and they Rarely do what the fan want D=

Derekvinyard131718d ago

With poor sales I doubt they will make another one

Black-Rock-Shooter1718d ago

well from what I see the HD re-release did pretty good.

fsfsxii1718d ago

Nope, we don't, capcom would just ruin it like any other title they have.

kirbyu1718d ago

Well then you better tell Capcom you want it, so they won't make it.

fsfsxii1718d ago

I think they know what people want, as i've heard that the first game got poor sales.
Anyway, i love that game and i just want it to have a clean history not like RE

kirbyu1718d ago

I don't. I want Street Fighter X Mega Man. A Street Fighter game with SF characters and MM characters.

fsfsxii1718d ago

Isn't that already made by a fan???

kirbyu1718d ago

That was a traditional Mega Man game, but with Street Fighters as bosses.

Enigma_20991718d ago

Yup. Capcom stepped in and gave him permission, basically taking credit for the game.

DarkZane1718d ago

If there is a sequel, there is no way it would be on the WiiU exclusively.

_QQ_1717d ago

The wiiu is the perfect console for a game about drawing....

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The story is too old to be commented.