BioShock Infinite Sponsors ‘Gold Unlocked’ Weekend

Microsoft Studios has revealed that this weekend will offer all Xbox gamers the opportunity to access all Xbox LIVE Gold features for free, whether they play on Xbox 360, PC or Windows Phone. Sponsored by BioShock Infinite, the weekend brings a host of other events inline with the ‘Gold Unlocked’ promotion, including double XP campaigns and developer challenges on many popular videogame titles.

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Minato-Namikaze1964d ago

Maybe MS is getting ready to to tell people XBL is gonna be free with the 720? One can hope, it'll be easier to have one as my secondary system then.

ravinash1964d ago

I think it will be more like they showing people what they are missing so that once it's gone, more people will sign up.

I think PSN did a similar thing with plus late last year.

Axonometri1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

M$ has to get Developers to drop'em some cash under the coffee table so a Developers new game can get some free online play time on Live to entice new buyers/players to purchase on M$ platform?

Maybe it's time to remodel Live? Lol
I'd still be buying this on the current Game console vs. the current multimedia, set-top-box, video rental, music central, advertisement machine.

CaptainYesterday1964d ago

That's pretty awesome! They should do this more often :)

Minato-Namikaze1964d ago

Like ALL the time. 52/365/24/7

Rivitur1964d ago

You know they do this about every 2-3 months right?

matrixman921964d ago

weird that they would sponsor this when infinite doesnt have mp