Sony Announces AV Cradle for PSP

kotaku writes: As it stands, watching movies or shows on your TV with your PSP is...well, it's not elegant. You hook the cables in, you press play, and...what the hell do you do with your PSP? Hold it? Sit it on the coffee table? It's messy. Enter Sony, with the just-announced PSP Cradle, which will not only power your handheld while it's outputting video, but also comes bundled with a remote control, meaning those days of you having to get up to press play are well and truly over

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mighty_douche3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Thats excellent. Will clean up the connections between the PSP and TV quite a lot, and the added remote will be really useful!

colonel1793574d ago

but hopefully it comes to America

mighty_douche3574d ago

Im sure it will.

But worse case, import one.

TheTwelve3574d ago


*leaves to play Patapon on 42" Bravia*


GamerMan3573d ago

Having all the wires moved off the floor near me back into the entertainment center would be wonderful and a remote to boot. That would be great.

tehReaper3573d ago

Wow, almost 50 bucks. Is this thing really worth it?