Remember Me: No plans for PS4 version

With the recent announcement of the PS4 many games wonder which currently announced but not released titles for 2013 will make their way to this new system. One title “I’m” excited for this summer is the new IP being developed by Dontond Entertainment, Remember Me.

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SavageKuma2107d ago

I am okay with that actually! Still digging my current consoles.

Gimmemorebubblez2107d ago

Ps4: Capcom, you FORGOT ME!


Relientk772107d ago

Dont agree with that Capcom, you should also put it on PS4

Ares84HU2106d ago

Just got Tomb Raider and only getting two more games before the PS4 is out and those are God of War Ascension and the Last of Us. Other than that I'm only getting PS4 games after PS4 is out so if this isn't coming to PS4 than sorry capcom but you just lost a sale.

Tei7772106d ago

I honestly think all the big ps3 titles being released this year should receive an enhanced digital version at the ps4's launch. Essentially a port of the PC versions, this and GTA5 included.

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